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by on August 31, 2010

`Why should the human animal feel more free to exploit other animals for some simple minded profit with intellectual finesse?’
`To attend church to believe in hocus pokus yet deny Freud’s profound insights into the Trinity mind best defines evil today!’
`Wisdom defines for the tired no need to memorize long computer series of symbolic operants to type a letter. It should bring back typewriters for the pragmatic minded, not game oriented!’
`The reason why late mankind cannot perceive his own monster homunculus is because it rules his conscious mind with IQ!’
`Any soul’s promise to aid its conscious mind fails to define its far longer intellectual evolution so great danger to win any argument especially with a programmed dumb conscious mind as done by established authority today!’
`It is that first glimpse of one’s seething id that goads his conscious mind to find more about reality a terrorizing phenomena to outlaw any adjunct that might aid such continued venture!’
`It is the task of the conscious mind to cast their own devilsoul into hell for the Lord, as will happily do once aware of its persistent travails throughout life!’
`Death is not fully suffered by the soul, only extended time to any length as needed by its Lord. Thus the alerted conscious mind must need feel sorry for doing the Lord’s work as needed!’
`True competitive behaviors will come with knowing reality, a phenomena that will soon rid much elegant deadwood from modern society. While traumatic to the fictitious, the able minded will be seen as understood by the rest for the ensuing quality life.’
`Weather prediction will not be done well without knowing the mind set of what evokes bad weather where as dictates the speed of a cold front’s formation as guidance for maximum damage!’
`The soul always chooses the lessor of two hells, thus why it so diligently sustains its conscious mind’s ignorance as a primary way to manipulate others with censored conscience, as then it needs less aid from its own predatory kind from below!’
`It is the human conscious mind that suffers most when kept in ignorance of what instigates its pain for some profit margin!’
`The late increase in smoking in the face of empirical hazards only shows what governs to keep censored the human conscious mind has finally gotten full control over that animal specie!’
`Temporary ill gotten gain satisfies the soul since it cannot enjoy it for long anyhow much as the aware conscious mind.’
`The most fear in the soul stems from another reading a dream aimed for its own conscious mind since it can often censor if not change meanings to dissuade curiosity in its own conscious mind!’
`The soul’s best delay of evolutional graduation is to kill its own incarnate body, especially just before its conscious mind begins to awaken to reality when it cannot be censored any more!’
`One may wonder what the well dressed as ritual minded will do as their facade as promises fade in the bright light of Nature’s revelations, revealed with the Internet Self thinking interface?’
`In one respect it is favorable that governments remain narrow minded as their 2D oriented henchmen which allows them to miss critical imports that Nature wants the insightive to fully see!’


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