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by on August 31, 2010

`Can the `control’ portion of the mtDNA be fiddled with in order to evoke AiR by the id once it changes its mind? At least the id doesn’t occupy the body until all genes get well started!’
`Indiscretions are all discretionary yet few conscious minds come to that realization for a huge crash inhuman social behavior where all will learn the hard way how to find conscience!’
`To study even scientific conjecture can be revealing because of the intellectual’s mindset avoiding reality at every turn!’
`Any loss of right brain function brings a conscious mind ever closer to being censored for life, however then intellectual!’
`Between chore and joy does the spirit experience either when caring for some body with a viable attentive conscious mind?’
`The 600Bly intervals of cosmic EMP claps shows whoever did it had some intent in mind!’
`If the majority of heroin users have left lateral smiles it may define their conscious mind’s preference of evading their id whatever the cost including death!’
`One worships death only when others govern their mind to make possible spilt blood for their unsaid survival!’
`If it were yet possible to inform late mankind of its unconscious volitional effort to dumb down his conscious mind, far more than some vast chagrin would prevail just before Armageddon!’
`To be told to “be patient” by a very high authority can evoke anger in claimed high authority for irrational behavior when they see a potential profit in the said prior patient’s mind!’
`Neuroleptic `zombies’ do not complain because nothing but the id remains in charge and cares little about life or its conscious mind which succumbed long ago to obedient stupidity!’
`To claim we are yet somehow human only hides a depraved soul for more clandestine folly with a kept stupid conscious mind!’
`Hell is a nice place when considered by a conscious mind!’
`Few perceive any coherent theoretical image until a thorough study forces now the obvious upon the human conscious mind!’
`There may be no disease in the human body without its sympathetic CNS behind the problem, and never to be discerned by a conscious mind as would constitute some apocalypse thus death comes just in time to evade the worst evoked by the latter mind!’
`Both spirit and soul censor the conscious mind but not for the same reason, Royal Rd. REM avoidance but one ominous factor!’
`True free will is a function of the conscious mind defining best the late evoluted human animal now approaching reality from nearly all facets of avoided research import today!’
`No gun control will be needed after the advent of the Self thinking interface because all will learn early of the hostile minded to prepare to teach such offender!’
`Saints as ancestors are worshiped in vast ignorance because they full govern now the human incarnate mind!’


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