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by on August 31, 2010

`Happiness fades rapidly as one’s curiosity drives their conscious mind into reality, for far more reasons that finding their sick culture, as its reasons hiding in their own left brain!’
`The problem for late intellectual man is that his conscious mind lost its bid to dominate, for that covert predatory IQ using faculty bent on winning the planet as all else before it evokes mass suicide to feed below on those spoils!’
`Hypnosis works on the conscious mind for a dominant sympathetic CNS whose sole objective is to govern the human body!’
`Strength of mind, and that with right brain input will always defeat the complemental driven now esteemed as intellectual!’
`The greater the claim of social `advancement’ the greater the danger of of its loss by the suppressed who perceive the claim as an aggravation with mounting retaliation in mind!’
`Nothing goads an id to learn faster than be incarnated with a curious conscious mind, constantly asking questions to cover!’
`The conscious mind’s struggle to catch up with its well evoluted subconscious requires the use of insight sustained from childhood with a superconscious using insightive father figure!’
`The harsher one’s experience the tougher their conscious mind for the ensuing avoidance of their Thanatos’ use of AiR!’
`Our Thanatos often has a better idea of how to keep we conscious minds out of its labyrinth so our lost look now in life!’
`The Oriental mind as a slow cement mixer churns slowly, to so produce quality thoughts. The western mind spins too fast so its output gets stuck in the mixer for only half truths getting out!’
`The time now has come for all 5HT dominated minds to be swept from planet earth to begin another creative altruistic phase!’
`We only consciously suspect there are other minds down here yet have little proof of it so are allowed to suspect some astute puppeteer, but never two integrated complemental minds of far superior ability to use to begin with!’
`It is the soul as always depraved that cannot act otherwise, thus the need for an aware conscious mind to moderate it or succumb trying when church or academically programmed stupid!’ `Lewdness is in the mind of the offended, just as insight gets judged as evil between two kinds of schizophrenic minds!’
`Anyone noted by authority with some potential profit in mind or hide, will become legal game for that profit or hide, which ever comes first as far as any official priority is concerned!’
`Democracies best survive with backup leaders who run on some other ticket yet keeps fooled enough of the public to remain in power with one objective in mind winning the planet at last!’
`It is the labor of the human conscious mind that Nature most depends upon for the integration of its innate spacetime complemental bilateral mental faculty, to complete the evolutional design which Nature started so many millennium ago.’
`For the wayward id, its induced pain upon its dumb conscious mind can be a boon for Nature, when it begins to ask questions!’
`The intellectual can only learn programs, often efficiently but must not have too much empirical fact as might get blocked well before their conscious mind falls to such fact!’
`The corrupt as mad can’t realize it as left brain dominants have an excuse to behave so, with a kept dumb conscious mind, as noted in APA professionals leading in suicide!’
`To try to explain to a suffering conscious mind that it was dominated by their Minotaur turning into Thanatos would do little good, indeed any favor once AiR gets instated is heroin!’
`We are constantly molested by our own relatives why have the mtDNA keys to our body, especially when we begin to think clearly about reality. To consciously awaken beckons the worse of such molestation which in turn forces that conscious mind to learn how to defend itself with volitionally wielded Chi.’
`One’s personal wireless communication link for the facts does not need encryption because deencryption is dynamic while such vision is being replayed for their curious conscious mind.’
`The soul prefers hell over life if some wise conscious mind gets curious and starts to ask quality and worse has found his active insight as REM dream for the answers!’
`As the dogma says; “There is hope for a tree” in one incarnation yet not for the more depraved soul, that needs a fresh conscious mind to struggle with it!’
`Only a Russian mind as Sorokin could be as succinct as offensive to the esteemed in tenure as in the U.S. today!’
`The conscious mind’s objective in life is to goad their id to mentally evolve, even if most often censored by that faculty, now being noted by even the most censored so demanding tenure.’


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