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by on August 31, 2010

`The corrupt least suspect what governs their conscious mind even when astute thoughts makes obvious their attention into some less than ethical venture with ambiguous odds then noted.’
`The soul gets conned by its more ancient ilk to continue the venture of manipulating its naive conscious mind, a tradition now reinforced with dire consequences up to mankind’s end.’
`Sorokin’s perception into the faith factor as the primary net faculty underlying all other thought processes, his awareness of the conscious mind’s supreme need for scrutiny into all thoughts to force rationality defines his true insightive genius!’
`Are zombies a shared item for the knowing who need cheap labor or a place to feed with a kept dumb conscious mind? There may even be some reason to suspect late academia today!’
`The unseen `legionnaires’ only seek notoriety when displaying in some UFO when truly hungry, little needed now with the great number of couch potatoes holding still as with a fixed mind!’
`Hussain as the U.S. Pentagon become the final overt devils to confront each other for maximum bloodshed, the legions realizing that the human conscious mind is about to awaken to reality!’
`The power of the discarnates to twist reality for conscious consumption makes clear the human conscious mind must be the most stupid mind on planet earth!’
`To retreat to some simpler soul may be the respite needed to consolidate one’s conscious mind’s muddle with less agony!’
`A terrible sadness comes to those who perceive the suffering schizoids conscious mind just as their overt suicidal APA professionals, following what Freud said abound an innate Thanatos!’
`To be awash in one’s Being, whether in slower masstime or beyond is the objective of the aware conscious mind!’
`The greatest chore for the human conscious mind is to bridle, if not saddle, its own equine `farside’ soul!’
`Persistent anger as may get leveled at oneself is a quality sign if understood since permits their conscious mind to focus on unconscious designs which may be crucial at that time, since too often in the intellectual can be Thanatos making serious noise as that conscious mind gets too close to perceiving that faculty!’
`Objectivity is most flaunted by the intellectual id when considered by a wary conscious mind about to act on its own!’
`Frightening reality defines man’s conscious mind is is a free agent yet lacks any idea of what is rational opinion being most guided by his intellectual covert personal left brain devil!’
`Panic disorders need to be treated with LSD since nothing can cure as a psychosis, to give a suffering conscious mind a glimpse into reality as its folly prone soul demanding attention!’
`To man way down here in slow time, the wee voice of God could be as loud as a cosmic EMP `Bang’ in astronomy’s terms, yet care is seen when only the fearless examine what is in their mind.’
`Watch what your definitive eye focus watches since can be to avoid something more important nearby or some clandestine profit possibility, manipulating another as your own conscious mind!’
`The most confusion is evoked with a psychosis yet that can be carried too far to divulge as alert a conscious mind of reality as to why the confusion was initiated to begin with!’
`The id puts words into our minds as mouths at strategic times but never for any said profit margin, when the conscious mind has the most to lose!’


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