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by on August 31, 2010

`One cannot hope to hold all facts in mind, especially if intellectual where censoring is rampant for unsaid profit reasons!’
`The best education in life comes with the hardest knocks, and even if the conscious mind learns nothing!’
`Man’s allegiance belongs with his conscious mind, whether the soul or id goes along or not!’
`The Zen master than saw God clapping His hand to evoke the many cosmic bubbles on neat 600Bly intervals out there must have been very far sighted at least minded!’
`That which says “tee hee” at death few conscious minds hear and maybe that is just!’
`While the conscious mind `does and dies’, their soul gets ice to sit on in infinite time!’
`The soul stomps ever less cautiously in the body of a growing aware conscious mind, even tries to kill the body with AiR at the final moment when about to be understood so then expelled.’
`Most human conscious minds find out who is their boss as they die, because what kills them cannot tolerate such feat!’
`A finite spinning mind can’t help but repeat something adinfinitum as learned, but to sustain that historical belief since to stop means to be frozen in relative time down at zero Kelvin!’
`One’s soul only understands what we conscious minds call mistreatment, which is its norm until put on ice in its hell!’
`Fortunately man’s conscious mind remains dumb until death as to be aware of the future would surely evoke a deep depression if not accuse Nature of cruelty!’
`Man’s conscious mind became dependent upon his evoluted soul, when it displaced God to be called god, most by his unseen ancestors finally ready to have their last supper at man’s expense!’
`The soul only turns to its benign complemental when driven by its conscious mind with the liberal use of Chi for defense!’
`A pestered conscious mind can promote extraterrestrial skirmishes which can be affective since often it is one on one and no gang war unless defending ethnics are standing by the bother.’


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