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by on August 31, 2010

`Man can no longer reinvent itself thus evolute mentally, as has concluded this epoch of evolution by IQ growth for a neurotic behavior unable to be understood by his own conscious mind!’
`The more primitive minded do not mind ambiguity as know they do not know all yet. The more intelligent become intolerant when their opportunity to use chance for profit gets foiled thus well explains the proliferation of official law left unsaid!’
`The underlying intellectual known danger of becoming involved with true spirituality forces the greater danger upon a yet naive conscious mind so blunders into unseen as unsaid ancestor worship even more than the overt aboriginals who yet have benign followers who can often also benefit in the evolutional goal!’
`To better program the id, Ritalin is used now but most to aid in blocking insight as might alert the curious conscious mind!’
`Cerebral wipeout devoids any ST memory for a conscious mind so cannot ask adroit questions about others as its own problems!’
`Just because a conscious mind wins more life by evading AiR, it does not mean any better life lies ahead!’
`Of course the I Am was the first and will be the last, if the physics gets understood by the philosophy inclined, albeit never the religious as have their minds made up!’
`Because the conscious mind becomes hated for seeking to comprehend the unconscious, the real danger for man is to not succeed in time before being killed by his own soul, just as Freud began to understand yet the Greeks fully knew about that Minotaur!’
`The conscious mind is the pawn of pawns, yet must endure as correct its soul as another pawn for follies against its benign spiritual complemental. Fortunately the conscious mind can learn to read the visual language of its creative half!’
`Steroids as neuroleptics buy time as censoring of one’s conscious mind, yet prepare chances that death will come quickly if somehow that conscious mind does ask some adroit question!’
`To aspire to anything, their conscious mind needs to learn of the hidden profits theretoo, as those who are in the mind of that one doing the aspiring thus the need for the Internet’s use of the Self thinking interface advisor!’
`Immediate retribution is best as when the conscious mind uses insight to see the potentials of what is coming!’
`Since mind overrides all other conscious considerations, why should late mankind waste so much time wasting it?’
`As soon as some sycophant wants to disarm another it signals his fear of the able minded and needs more police around him!’
`To win energy one must work at the evolutional process, today the least understood by the human animal’s conscious mind.’
`While maybe difficult to imagine some devil, especially as an innate part of one’s own mental matrix, the primitive belief of such faculty remains valid when primed in childhood as a Trinity totality their own conscious mind merely inbetween!’
`There is indeed a `one wing’ conspiracy that man’s conscious mind never suspects, as belongs to a lateral brain half unsaid!’
`Chronic disease is like cancer which feeds the unseen in perpetuity, provided the conscious mind never gets informed to act!’
`To stress the fact that a person owns his own conscious mind with two other as unconscious could alert the child to question all others as to who’s idea do they express when promising?’
`All women have their left brain wagging their conscious mind, most to the disdain of insightive men who would like to help!’
`Individualized human suicides are not needed even if a mass suicide will better suit Nature’s transition for mankind’s next evolutional phase where all will read each other’s mind clearly.’
`The human conscious mind is the most hated mental faculty of all because it alone is between evil’s free hand for folly and the want of Nature’s goal of benign evolutional completion!’
`Any loud and clear dream is a message to both the conscious mind as id and means business so both best pay attention then!’
`Dreams with much bright red define anger or rage, most if the soul is presented therein on its final incarnation of tourdeforce an excellent sign for the frightened conscious mind!’


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