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by on August 31, 2010

`The late necessary evil to complete the soul’s evolutional trek is a seminaive conscious mind to suffer just enough to act to correct its irascible id before getting killed!’
`Maybe the nicest thing for a conscious mind is to get its soul’s evolution completed so to be plugged into hell, so that tired conscious mind can expire in peace at last!’
`Any mad dog can be taught to heel as one’s own id, bent upon dominating their conscious mind. It just requires more effort and empirical fact with curiosity with at times a big Chi stick!’
`One does not appreciate what is nice until some episode of it comes along to alert the yet dumb conscious mind after “having it out” with its id using overt bursts of Chi to prove a point!’ `Depression is normally a function of the id when faced with a fact of failure, especially censoring its alert conscious mind as might be seeking another unconscious source of reality!’
`Academia’s promotion of fightflight over rational reason has given late mankind only sports and redundant half truths where a conscious mind might learn about reality to foil the predatory glee as was fruitful in the human soul’s existence.’
`Only man’s left brain feels we are snoopy when looking into reality since its user the soul wants no conflict of interest by an endowed conscious mind to sway opinion to more rational things which defines late mankind’s vast current stupidity.’
`Little question remains of the fact that it is mind over matter and one need not comprehend that matter is but EM standing waves for slow time. The crux of import is for what net purpose?’
`Promulgated hogwash from academia best defines what rules their minds when unseen ancestors must sustain human conscious ignorance about reality to some final bitter moment!’
`When more time is required to figure out survival using the time oriented mind refusing to acknowledge insight as can offer conscience tenure then is preferred by the intellectual.’
`The conscious mind cannot know how to survive in health because of its left brain intellectual dumbing operation now, using religion as academic science to hide the obvious of reality!’
`Because premeditated folly is the norm of any profit seeking mind interested in its own survival first, neurotic censoring as found in the dyslexic or what now is programmed normal intellect, becomes the most dangerous mental operant in humanity today!’
`The conscious mind will always be detested by discarnate legions where the latter has the most to lose with its awakening!’
`Only trauma and conflict can follow mankind’s awakening of what as who governs his mind these final days. Called some ethnic cleansing, defines what governs late mankind surreptitiously!’
`Lupus throws a conscious mind into a loop when all forms of active AiR proceeds with their id’s vengeance!’
`To drive our soul into the arms of its benign complemental is the human conscious mind’s edict or fail in life as well now!’
`To waste one’s time learning how to juggle a digital computer is the underlying objective, since one’s innate analogic mind may take over and invoke creative desires more than wanted tenure!’
`The female’s `rake progress’ defines redundancy, and that her decoupled forebrains which could alert her conscious mind of much missed throughout history yet doing her same tenured dull round!’
`The conscious mind of man never hears the “hut hup” as a lowpressure weather front approaches for discarnate folly!’
`The unsaid official terror over the positive EPR experiments shows another unsaid faculty ruling their minds now!’
`Those who think are naturally `terroristic’ to the reductive of mind seeking to manipulate the masses for survival, to say nothing of their means to win the planet with their programmed to run point as police the masses should someone think!’
`The conscious mind can be stoic if it remains ignorant of all that evokes its subjective misery up to AiR, where death becomes imminent but too late, especially in cases where too much curiosity had prevailed and so got too close to subjective reality!’
`If THC alerts a conscious mind into unconscious subterfuge it no doubt is a psychotherapeutic adjunct which in turn defines its need to be made illegal by the covert psychopathic in power.’
`The worse the nightmare, the better it defines the Royal Road for the conscious mind to perceive stark reality!’
`Little can be done for the conscious mind’s depression since it believes only in empirical fact and can’t avoid the obvious!’
`Cosby’s body as left brain is as loose as a goose precisely what all human beings should be if life’s learning experience is to offer the least pain to a conscious mind!’
`Only over time can one learn consciously of their `self’ an independent greedy mind using their left brain half that was programmed by Nature to act in its own best favor for life never another’s with empathy, oddly especially in a mother whose soul’s interest is in her afterlife even more!’


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