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by on August 31, 2010

`To die before becoming self reliant we can only blame ourself which spent its time fooling its conscious mind with facade, fully aware it would need to kill the body before its time was up!’
`Can mankind hope to survive its innate Thanatos with more intellectual ability than its own conscious mind?’
`The more aware the shrink, the more he knows the simple of mind can return to normalcy yet seldom intellectuals, as himself as APA professionals lead in suicide for unsaid reasons!’
`The greatest slave of all is the conscious mind now where its more evoluted intellectual soul best fools those it needs to feed it especially into obesity just before killing the body to feed on in ways unseen much less understood consciously!’
`The more straight the stickmen the more crooked their mind!’
`Rectilinear thought misses much of value, but is volitional, but to evade any import which might incite interest in the conscious mind where reality must be hidden until too late to act!’
`To find one’s memory is their id’s when well integrated with reality is the final business of that conscious mind that has at last learned its net purpose in masstime life!’
`The soul hates another however benign, especially fiddling with its mind while stuck in endless time!’
`It appears that now is preArmageddon days where mankind’s conscious mind is nearly awake!’
`Evolution is a tough game to play, especially near its end as an alert conscious mind begins to understand its rules!’
`The conscious mind has many reasons to be worried about its future, especially when not using insight to define those worries which today are well worth worrying about!’
`One one of our unconscious minds is over matter, its complemental is of matter in order to gain the time needed to evolute slowly while complaining all the way!’
`The right to win whatever dictates how long the evoluted soul hangs on waiting for its conscious mind to kick it out!’
`To get rid of any disease means to throw out one’s hungry ancestors seeking to feed on any malady they or their AiR prone id, unhappy with a curious conscious mind can evoke!’
`Since the soul as its conscious mind can operate independently, an irresponsible as incorrigible soul should be consciously evicted with Chi often, until that soul capitulates or leaves for good of all concerned!’
`The anorexic is about the only animal that does not get bothered with ancestors, albeit should watch out for bulimia if they do get their chance to rush the conscious mind!’
`We protect and feed our oldsters because they have big stick over we dumb conscious minds. If not directly then by another generation deceased who hold a stick over they as well!’
`If one does not get depressed before the news gets over where everything but the news is seen, never mind as you wouldn’t understand what is so depressing as a society dies!’
`Zombies are most valuable to discarnates as feeding places, as long as some stupid conscious mind continues to feed it!’
`The human mind is the discarnates turf to farm as long as its conscious mind remains academically programmed stupid!’
`If the human conscious mind knew how most we die, horror no doubt would ensue with a diligent return to seeking Nature’s design as goal in life itself!’
`Whether by Nature or mtDNA, a woman’s mind loses its anteriocorpus callosum so abdicates any further conscious will!’
`The spirit likely weeps for a mauled conscious mind as lacked a quality father figure to blunder then without finding reality!’
`Only real men cry as their conscious mind awakens!’


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