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by on August 31, 2010

`To think rationally becomes a real ordeal for those able to think with insight since the maximum of disruption is brought to bear and wise is any conscious mind to recognize this first to not go off the deep end as into the arms of the neuroleptic using APA people who least want to hear of any psychopathic import!’
`All that the conscious mind can do is hope, yet that does not rescind some agony due their soul for which masstime life was designed. This sad state of affairs defines why the conscious mind of man should become aware if possible of what avoids retribution while earning as much negative karma as feasible knowing its fate and cares less about what might suffer along the way!’
`Depression is not enough. We must go down into its depths and grovel with it as it also has mind and is determined to not die before offering the maximum of agony to all others in its wake!’
`The is seldom any lack of AiR, as Freud would define Thanatos when a conscious mind begins to snoop within its psyche!’
`Women suffer more paraphrenic confabulation because so little cross cerebral communication occurs, to convey conscience, even if their conscious mind did perceive it unaccustomed to reality!’
`The conscious mind will seldom discover from where most of its agony comes, most today evoked to sustain attention anyplace else but upon the unconscious from where that agony comes!’
`Memorization has little to do with thinking much less learning anything new. It is a ritual most used for obedience by those who need not be present, using like posthypnotic nuance, a phenomena the federal government also understands very well but not as to who is governing their own twisted minds!’
`The destructive nature of the soul is only self preservation, even using AiR to avoid an awakened conscious mind as would surely terminate that soul’s active venture of overt predation!’
`That which has `intention’ seldomly gets understood by a conscious mind because they remain as unconscious to offer a service, be it to repeat learned predatory acts or what may be new!’
`To be goaded to repeat for survival defines the historical mind unable to know more than one 2D at a time.’
`Far more important than a person’s external body is their internal, especially the spine where scoliosis may define a twisted mind as well!’
`The conscious mind will remain servile to its soul just as that soul remains to those demanding retribution for services it was told long past overdo!’
`Human political juggling only discloses who is juggling their minds for the massive covert manipulation done to the public!’
`To ask a woman where her attention is she will seldomly reply but can be noted by watching her eyes never her mind!’
`Seldomly does a conscious mind need to seek peace with its maker since may have had no father figure to alert it of the net responsibility to know its censoring id which never will seek any peace with its maker!’
`Most deaths are volitional double deaths where the conscious mind’s death had little idea it was coming since gets destroyed to allow the freedom of its depraved soul!’
`It is obviously true that man’s conscious mind is far too stupid to know what it is doing, so the next question is what in hell is now guiding his persistently twisted mind?’
`The claimed fittest now are the least so why should they even be heard to continue their might for the truly able minded?’
`The soul has always served itself, so why assume consciously it has any idea of aiding that kept dumb conscious mind?’
`All that we conscious minds can do is hope for the best yet we had better consider for whom that best is given which today is its greatest agony to wrap up its long past evolutional trek!’
`When it finally becomes the conscious mind’s awakened needs that must supersede its reductive mind’s need for survival a personal apocalyptic driven AiR conflict erupts and only faith with conscious volition can overcome the worst, with its right brain.’
`The human conscious mind’s first order of business is psychic and that to divorce itself from all ancestors, especially deceased now because the past Balinese behavior is far too dangerous!’
`To feed or else the soul has always been faced with. It thus becomes the program to force its evolution over time, reaching an epitome of stealth to be used upon its own conscious mind, offered to goad it to complete that task rather than sit down to reincarnate forever but watching TV and eating chips to then feed their unseen who offer ideas in return on how to win whatever!’
`We consciously suffer until we learn what was censored from us by our own more evoluted soul determined to win any mental war which would stem from an awakened conscious mind, with AiR if the time remained to escape with the body’s promoted death!’
`Intellect serves only its own net objectives for survival so its need for a kept dumb conscious mind cannot be overlooked, no matter what official program is instilled to sustain the massive ignorance now about to devour much of claimed civilization!’
`When terror so strikes authority to force their suicide as an APA professional, one can be sure at least half of that terror is from their Thanatos noting its conscious mind’s awakening!’ `To be hurried into `therapy’, by Nature or others demanding retribution, either can be painful, especially to the yet naive conscious mind, wondering what the fuss is all about!’
`The `faithful’ will tend their own kind, whether of specific ethnic breed or mtDNA family following. They cannot help but protect their own kind, whatever the expense, which now defines late mankind’s greatest struggle of all, defending a vast ignorance of what guides the late human conscious mind to its bitter end!’


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