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by on August 31, 2010

`Ugly gets evil with those who investigate nefarious behaviors whether overt by the state or who governs their minds for the far larger profit and that is never seen in worldly affairs!’
`Cruel is it to disclose reality to those with minds made up for subjective safety sake, since suicide can easily follow now!’
`The human conscious mind is guided, but cannot find which of two complemental faculty with very different ideas about life!’
`To know what is good for we human conscious minds requires first to learn of the two unconscious as their never said goals! Not oddly the verbal one refuses disclosure as censors its benign nonverbal visual communicating, illness becomes one’s fate.’
`That which could speak to the conscious mind of man will not, its benign complemental only speaks in nontemporal visions, much as Freud called the Royal Road as all artists and genius know.’
`All intellectuals today have a Thanatos seething within their left brain and likely more than one plan to escape life, should their conscious mind get curious at some final moment!’
`Unconscious verbal nuance biases the intellectual, especially to avoid some fact which could alert its conscious mind to some another reality which might rescind a profitable alternate!’
`It is the “crump” at the awakening conscious mind to conclude their soul’s balking that is both a joy and vast relief, most because the means to silence as evict a soul gets well learned!’
`Any two that meet in Christ’s name, even folly can be performed if upon one not caring about defense as the AiR prone soul seeking to escape its body. This is a sad for the conscious mind if kept dumb of what is occurring on the psychic level!’
`Exorcism is the business of the human conscious mind, if it can find the few imports that it is governed by an evolved faculty now that will buy time secretly or kill whomever!’
`What indeed drives the human animal when its conscious mind gets dumbed down to content itself with TV? Obviously it is one of the two unconscious, one seeking completed evolution while the other to feed endlessly its discarnates taking turns forever if that can be arranged!’
`The transition from overt social intercourse to the subjective with insight finally allows the curious conscious mind to fulfill its design for Nature as complete its soul’s evolution.’
`The greatest danger with human evolution now near stagnation is his own dominating reductive left brain using mind which becomes Thanatos these final hours, both as traumatic yet quality thing where the eager curious seek to complete their evolution.’
`Since mankind’s peak of mental evolution came well before the Egyptians began their great folly intellectual growth then was to promulgate the naive moderative conscious mind, for ever more folly in the name of claimed civilization in greedy ethnic wars!’
`Conclusions made to judge something become ever more twisted as man’s conscious mind begins to awaken to perceive reality, so to die unexpectedly according to popular social belief!’


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