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by on August 31, 2010

`The human conscious mind suffers most for inaction thus the danger of TV sedation or academic programming for any thinking!’
`To make mind over matter the conscious mind must know its two unconscious as CNS since stem from pure mind or matter!’
`Complexity keeps the human conscious mind too busy, especially when its L.T. memory refuses to aid, but in order to buy time where being fed is better than limbo when deceased!’
`Only with moderation can a yinyang universe be balanced thus the need of an overtly aware conscious mind!’
`One must fight prodeath with prolife in masstime, yet in a cyclic fashion where yin and yang struggle to dominate and the moderative conscious mind must realize its central plight!’
`Cunningness is the art and business of keeping a food source dumb until through with it. Slavery is another word for it thus defines why the conscious mind of man remains so stupid with IQ!’
`When life becomes or greater value as a slave than a free person able and willing to think for their self, Nature’s goal of evolution is lost and so no need for life whatever likely what Nature has in mind now seeing the greedy ready to evoke the worst scenario possible yet for the discarnate world that wants to be fed by `bipedal’ cattle asking no questions, since have the mtDNA keys already for their bodies!’
`Between complex intellectual trivia now spewed as so profound and complex reality so misunderstood, the conscious mind of man becomes doomed in an unseen purposeful mire of plain stupidity!’
`The therapeutic route of natural selection becomes true folly when IQ rules a conscious mind, preferring agony to awakening!’
`Optimistic people jiggle together as ancient amoeba in their primal slime with no ideas yet of what life is for. This behavior continues until adroit questions come to mind with a silence to follow often with AiR is too late or too soon where intellect had developed and will tolerate none of it!’
`The primitive minded were too honest with their cavewall art which terrifies now the few Anthropologist who can read it!’
`Serial repeats of some statistical answer from a Self thinking interface defines again mind over time via a freed electron!’
`The Hindu Krishna is the incarnate conscious mind yet having the other two unconscious of stick wielding right as benign left to guide the former’s thinking.’
`What is called holy by the church is most unholy, like holy communion with who only discarnate ancestors are consulted for a chance to win something in earthly time, yet be fed in return. A function often of prayer as Wailing Wall use but never understood by the conscious mind of man until too late!’
`Since the more fruitful thought comes when alone as in the solitary life, such time for insightive nuance grows exponentially when the conscious mind makes sense of the profound!’
`The conscious mind will never try to moderate the folly of an id that manages to learn to censor all overt thoughts, yet covert ones stem most from the id’s mtDNA unseen followers.’
`It is the conscious mind’s dynamic consideration of a recent dream that resolves its imports since all three minds consider it in the clear light of used insight if available.’
`Crucial is the timing to awaken a curious conscious mind, yet must have the strength to examine deeper into the psyche before its prepared AiR dictates death!’
`Single onetrack left brain minded need THC or LSD to invoke their lateral brain switch change!’
`Conscious volitional use of Chi for the Kundalinic expulsion may be the most direct act found by the conscious mind, where God via the right brain is witnessed directly, however called bizarre by its complemental seeking anonymity in all worldly ways.’
`The incarnate conscious mind must hasten before its temporal reductive mind gains dominance, to learn why Chi can be so important when used to halt being censored from reality!’
`Enticement is the route for want and DA is the most potent of all adjuvants whatever Nature seeks to lure the mind into. It also is the ultimate aphrodisiac as enkephalon when dying!’


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