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by on August 31, 2010

`If is it not the Orwellian spectre that is foremost in the minds of legislative authority then why are the most law abiding prevented from owning defensive weapons?’
`How could any predatory soul ever allow its potential moderative conscious mind to learn about reality before too late?’
`To be hung up on rectilinear objects in art may define the mathematical minded, but not truly creative where all began with spheres and arcs in the Apriori with Zen hand claps!’
`Big Brother loves a secret, either when its own skeletons or an import from the creative mind on which to profit!’
`How can the soul fear, much less find joy, when relegated to a place of infinite time, just as on warmer earth where the EEG defines an active mind thus dynamically perceptive.
`Whether called “one hand clapping” in Zen to evoke the many cosmic bubbles for ultimate mass creation or Rumi’s “onehanded basket weaving” makes little difference unless in the mind of the visualizer examining God’s work from a different perspective!’
`To be unable to hoe, shuck or can corn one must seek an authorized position of power with but one goal in mind never said, as make enough laws and hire enough police to ensure survival!’
`Most legislators have Orwell in the back of their mind but in the knowledge that their lack of self reliance dictates their unsaid need for law for survival, however good or poor in the end!’
`The entire Internet is a fine inquisitional system where the unsaid in authorized power may interrogate surreptitiously the able minded, not only for ideas on which to profit but those who think too well and need extermination!’
`Since academia replaces the eager scientific curious with the programmed mind, actually to buy tenure for graduates by hiding reality, we find their `sciences’ as today with dying cultures!’
`God is passive yet offers a portion of Itself called Chi to evoke defensive ways to sustain life when needed by a conscious mind once interested in some better life.’
`Madness is catching, especially using the mind of academia!’ `Promulgated simple mindedness is the best way to keep stupid animals, especially man where religion and science now rule!’
`All is trivial to the young soul with an amoebic body but let a conscious moderative mind get into the act and all hell breaks loose, because no predatory soul will tolerate it!’
`For an alerted conscious mind tending its soul’s business another loanee well evoluted soul might step in to aid a beleaguered conscious mind about to lose the game of upmanship!’
`The right brain dominated can only reply to worded questionanswer quizzes with word hints, especially phonetical which can remind a conscious mind of a long lost word as a proper noun.’
`We waste time with trivia until we find we are dying of some disease then rush about trying too late to find out what went wrong, it is because it was always mind over matter, not AMA!’
`Only through a bout with AiR can a conscious mind realize any prior aid and fortune as in childhood before its sympathetic CNS took charge and turned into Thanatos if frustrated.’
`To stint on the simple to evade learning something new has become mankind’s late intellectual endeavor, only because of its conscious potentially moderative mind standing by, wondering what is going on when the simple could explain it all!’
`When Thanatos rules the human animal only so much time is allowed in life before an conscious mind awakening because now the hideous governs in proportion to evoluted intellect!’
`Since the conscious mind was made to sustain its left brain’s rational behavior with volitional moderation, its so progressive stupidification over time defines it is now of no value to Nature so She may allow the real holocaust to restart things all over!’
`Since most apoptosic signals stem from the mtDNA, it shows in psychological terms the Thanatos of Freud, seeking an escape from an alerted as curious conscious mind with the moderative power to change predatory behavior.’


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