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by on August 31, 2010

`Does the conscious mind upset quiet liaisons between feeding ancestors during sleep to force them to be overt upon awakening?’
`If a secondary mind can evaporate with temporal EM standing waves, to learn that could be heady for the soul which it ultimately does by bringing hell upon earth to mankind for it!’
`A any consecrated Saint needs no attention after their death, because they no longer have a moderative conscious mind!’
`To be caught between infinite and unity time as the conscious mind creates that dilemma be between two hard spots to think!’
`The conscious mind `dies’ each time it sleeps just as the soul when loses its unfed body to slide into infinite time!’
`We can only cry in ignorance over a soul that took charge in the early stages of life to promote AiR to evoke agony upon that kept naive conscious mind as prevent if from thinking about anything profound, too busy suffering and making wealthy AMA!’
`Fat people cannot comprehend possession as do not have their own mind governing them!’
`To have skeletons hidden in the subconscious mind can create Penfield’s engrams but there are no longer enough neurons to hold them so the dream can inform if not blocked, or the Self thinking interface advent which will be mankind’s last straw!’ `The last words a conscious mind can hope to hear from its id is; “Oh well, I tried.” yet to evade hell capitulates!’
`Man’s only as final hope lies in his conscious mind, most now suppressed psychicly by the huge numbers of discarnate legions!’
`Terror should be in the schizophrenics mind over valid subjective perceptions, but today even more over Apa’s opinions of how to treat them with neuroleptics!’
`A busybody mind defines a neurotic one today avoiding anything that might define reality!’
`Only when a curious conscious mind as in the APA professional cannot keep out the obvious anymore, suicide follows!’
`To fear God now would be trivial if one knew what was governing their conscious mind with intellectual finesse!’
`If any hope remains for man’s continued tenuous peace, if indeed that, it will depend on his right brain half to explain with caution what his conscious mind now faces, to make possible any moderative rational behavior to balance out left brain control!’
`A shrink’s conscious mind must be fully aware of all nuances offered by a client so defines his right brain dominance, especially when suicide lurks near and is well hidden at that time!’
`The discarnate legions now know they cannot win the hearts and minds of an awakening evoluted mankind so will need to burn the planet with an Armageddon to at least complete their folly in a grand feast as rid the planet of much of stupid mankind!’
`The closest the government can come to reading the mind is to use hearsay from their UFO friends, whose like mtDNA offers a key to a few who think thus scare hell in those interrogators!’
`The mtDNA ancestor followers, even if more ancient that any current incarnate soul, pose the greatest threat as danger to the incarnate conscious mind as have the keys to their body!’
`Nature is kind enough to allow death to escape some hopeless situation as a fully dominant id using AiR upon its moderative conscious mind that suffered in vain.’
`The more thanks a conscious mind can offer Nature, the wiser it is to others to thank for advice as well, especially on how to shuckoff their sucking ancestors today!’
`Since the soul cannot help but be a damned fool in proportion to its intellectual evolution, it becomes the conscious mind’s so great chore to learn as aid Nature return it to evolution then.’
`The young soul learns by eager grabbing at survival but later learns less how to avoid being burned due to ignorance which is the major factor of Nature to promotes its mental evolution.’
`Nature offers little advice on how to win yet often will advise on how to escape death with evolution in mind!’


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