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by on August 31, 2010

`There finally comes that time when a conscious mind must act to kill for good its perverted soul, not only for the peace then to come but to have no beckoning to hungry henchmen!’
`How could God’s mind seek to be rational friends with the so shallow human mind when the difference would be as man seeking a dialogue with a pinch beetle knowing only how to pinch anything?’
`Jesus may have pleased God while governed by an alerted conscious mind but how about now where its soul has free reigns for which to play covert games in which to profit as eat by?’ `If the soul is actually so stupid to act as it does when incarnated on planet earth, where did its conscious mind acquire so much more intellectual ability unless wisdom is constantly being offered to that conscious mind surreptitiously?’
`Ducks in a row that appear in the mind of the theoretical empiricist, albeit often called psychotic `phantoms’ of the mind by programmed others, need to be shot down one by one such ideas to unravel for credence, especially when assembled into a coherent mental matrix however fought in the realms of the unconscious.’
`Ugly becomes the unconscious fight when two apparent conflicting paradigms get seen by the yet dumb conscious mind. It is the primary drive of the complemental unconscious matrix, where fact and fiction must be wrung out to make sense of reality!’
`When fancy dudes line up to clap at the end of a Stock Market day where a near crash occurred, one needs to wonder with a far more clear mind than what was so demonstrated to attract fools!’
`Evolution has done its worst for the human conscious mind as permitted the soul to learn more to so manipulate that conscious mind for its own demise!’
`The conscious mind with only ST memory could never catch up to the late well evoluted soul, even with full use of insight as rapid and accurate it is to define twisted reality.’
`Only a digital sequential mind can stop and never sense it!’
`The greatest of all mind control is now under way. It is in the political arena where discarnates govern the claimed governing who are setting the stage for Armageddon because the ancestor legions know mankind is about to awaken with the apocalypse!’
`Dynamic hell should be worrisome for a conscious mind because its unhappy id promotes it most when energy is available and that curious conscious mind suspects something!’
`The soul learns ever less in proportion to its intellectual evolution as must hamper the conscious mind from learning about its masstime objective to learn about evil souls!’
`There is only one solution for the stagnated conscious mind with too intellectual an id and it contains LSD and the woods!’
`For the most part we conscious minds operate on automatic using only the cerebral short term memory until either censored from some obvious dangerous import the id sees coming, or insight as the id’s complemental sees what is coming!’
`All the conscious mind needs to know is it gets censored!’
`LSD aids the id make up its mind how valuable its relatives are as its alerted conscious mind makes up its mind to fight, not switch then which means suicide, one way or another!’
`Eviction or abdication of authority are the only routes for a free people to sustain their freedom when an academic programming promotes only an unsaid ritualized fodder for the state. Whether war or threats thereof, freedom loving people cannot flinch for any Orwellian spectre must ensue since authority never knows what governs their minds when mtDNA lies behind human evolution!’
`Mother raised political minded sycophants have no more fiscal responsibility his the mother’s deceased ancestors who plan on winning the planet, whatever the cost!’
`Until the conscious mind of man learns that no verbal utterance can be trusted however elegant the speaker, visual insight will not be used to find reality with God patiently waiting!’ `Somehow, man’s conscious mind must be awakened to its duty of moderating unconscious bias, especially the twisted idea that it is doing so now in complete ignorance, up to its planned demise!’
`It will be the covertly unconsciously introduced fake data to twist reality for the ancestral legion’s needs that will condemn most conscious minds now programmed stupid by the more cunning intellectuals in authorized power seeking to win the planet.’
`The conscious mind may think best with its shortterm memory because it lacks volitional bias to twist reality much as the grabber engrams of Penfield. Yet the seething id below watches to interrupt when possible for some never said profit motive that is explained in visual context via REM dream when finally accessed.’
`The most fruitful of theoretician are those who examine the anomalies, never in official science who have tenure in mind who most deny there are any anomalies!’
`At least if one looks to their right brain for reality, they can escape the twisted ideas held in the printed text, even a far better idea of where to look for any mind’s import of value!’
`To try to define reality with words or numbers is the very subterfuge that the human conscious mind falls since too many unseen biases creep in as fudge factors too easily ignored!’
`The greatest conoperation is in politics and that in the so claimed sciences which must be twisted to keep human conscious mind stupid until too late as for his mass demise!’
`It is the other versions of claimed reality that seep into a conscious mind’s awareness in surreptitious ways that concludes the mental evolutional trek for the late well evoluted human.’
`Obedience is the avenue to promote fodder as pointrunners to win the planet, but few human conscious minds now realize their duty to comprehend what drives it unconsciously so some terrible lessons are coming for the whole human race!’
`Antagonistic events in life are supposed to alert a conscious mind of unseen problems to consider for life, especially when any problem is fostered by its own unconscious id considering AiR!’
`When `discovery’ is equated with antiques, it defines where a conscious mind got off its moderative responsibility in life as the underlying business of academic science!’
`Its one of two subjective reality than biases late mankind’s mind for folly by being censored as Freud said, from reality!’
`People now do not have the time to play computer games, yet its advent defines that final attempt to keep mankind dumb when a massive demise is pending and no conscious mind must reason!’
`What now is most mind confusing is mankind’s confusion!’
`Priceless in life at any speed since relative time is the unseen factor between mankind and its diabolical ancestor legions!’
`Fate is relative depending on which of Einstein’s two Aleph derived endpoint minds is viewing life from!’
`The soul is stealthy yet gets caught in its own folly, but teaches its past dumb conscious mind which should have moderated behavior using insight into potentials for the better life.’


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