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by on August 31, 2010

`All living creatures are schizophrenic at root since Nature must endow them with an individual mind plus Her own to sustain biological integrity via the freed electron. Only the initial phases of the incarnate trek are rational but become ever more insane in proportion to intellect!’
`We conscious minds only think we understand Nature, but fail most to realize it is because our personal devil wills programmed behavior on all who might profit it while using our left brain!’
`The able bodied are able minded which means they use both of their brain halves to figure out life as become self reliant. It becomes a dichotomy now where evolution has promoted overt neurotic behaviors in law makers in order to survive better, while own the least of any quality survival ability much less attribute!’
`Law makers who demand to have authority fine the public as do not protect themselves with seatbelts, yet disarm that public to again protect them from accidental harm best now defines what is actually in the minds of authority seeking to win the planet!’
`The believed `uncanny of mind’ that tap reality now merely reflects the uncanny stupidity of late programmed humankind!’
`Conveying information of some potential from discarnates can yet aid the incarnate so a great commerce prevails therebetween. This diabolical liability can only be stemmed with knowing potentials as derived from what now is most censored from the human conscious mind, noted residing in its right brain half!’
`The means of hiding `secret’ data in plain view as “chaffing and winnowing”, much as rerecorded cerebral data unerasable for future playback by as for a prepared conscious mind then ready to act in its own better favor. The tagging for recall remains in the hands of what recognizes reality that before was taboo!’
`The soul evades reality around a moderative conscious mind knowing it must remain viable in secrecy to evade coming limbo!’
`What indeed is the mind governing the germ than infests those with a compatible DNA segment to some historical compatriot?’
`One’s own soul censors most its conscious mind once it finds a way to learn from insight using unseen henchmen or the overt government signaled by those henchmen as needed today!’
`To lack any ability to use the hands or mind the tongue takes over with promises, as gibberish well seen now in the sciences!’
`It is the fragments of ancient DNA that yet haunt mankind as his once defensive fightflight id protected its body but now in frustration with an awakening conscious mind turns to AiR to in order to escape any pending angry moderative retribution!’
`Why should belief becomes such a burden to mankind when it is most the whim of a twisted mind in its left brain?’


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