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by on August 31, 2010

`As the insight using inventive begin to fully realize his aid from Nature to perceive reality, they find a deep gratefulness as realize it is another mind available to him for a resource.’
`Is there a relative EEG signal amplitude difference between REM dream when offered the conscious mind versus just the id?’
`In a primitive culture the soul is defensive so little AiR is noted when fighting disease with potent volition. Only with competition from a conscious mind does a soul’s self defense wane.’
`The coming thinning of the human populations will not have much to do with the kept dumb conscious mind!’
`To write sharpens our conscious mind as evolves our soul. To dream evolutes both of those minds if considered!’ `All goal oriented so objective minded animals are evoluting, whether aware of it or not, maybe except mankind now blundering!’
`To consciously shut down one’s noisy verbal mind until the subjective visual language is learned evokes a rapid evolutional trek just as the Buddha defined yet ignored with vehemence!’
`The primitive survive with visions while later with the audio promise which defines the relative mind in man!’
`The creative mind is too busy assembling reality than to consider fame or fortune, not oddly until too late for others!’
`Chi is the best but can be the worst for conscious defense as the aware conscious mind doesn’t evoke AiR or an early death!’
`Sadly, a conscious mind must learn patience with their irascible soul’s need of pain to learn better lessons!’
`The soul’s denial to defend its body as with AiR needs to be evicted often with Chi to tire it more than the conscious mind!’
`Possibly an aware as Chi using defensive conscious mind could deal with its naturally irascible soul if that soul had no unseen henchmen to aid in needed folly to dissuade that conscious mind from considering reality, especially at this dispensation time!’
`Man now remains earthbound because antiG has been censored from his mind. Otherwise he would comprehend his ancestors prowling around in darkness seeking a body on which to feed!’
`To merely examine the facts without religious or scientific zeal would define reality if a conscious mind can rid itself of a zealous soul bent upon AiR for a prompt suicide!’
`If you cannot help it then I cannot help it are the same remarks a conscious mind should make to its soul!’
`There is no `sustained’ mind after death unless some molecule as mtDNA gets energized with ATP and a fatty lipid to regurgitate historical fact forever!’
`Once two people build enough trust to confide, the realized friendship permits their conscious minds the opportunity to evoke a real awakening of both of their cunning souls. This is the true as best means for all human psychotherapy!’
`The potent father figure stays near home as nothing frightens their conscious mind with utilized insight often hard earned.’
`Whatever told, believed or suspected, we the conscious mind is the only faculty able to psychotherapize our irascible soul!’
`A life gets time if a conscious mind awakens early enough to evade an always pending death wish. This factor most only now has a chance with another awakened as a father figure!’


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