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by on August 31, 2010

`Imagine all people as little children fully enjoying a common game and a parent calls “Enough”, to find some great irascible revolt en masse just as now amongst the grownups for an equally irrational subjective reason never to be defined, at least to any conscious mind which never found what drove it!’
`To remain naive of what goads our conscious mind begs for the folly to end it, called AiR when unseen ancestors call!’
`How can one hope to get authority to any peace rally when he has the objective of winning a big piece of the planet in mind?’
`The most ancient `religion’ had no paranoiacs since the primitive soul did not fear its Creator as did not even need a moderative conscious mind to stay its evolutional course with insight, thus build wisdom instead of neurotic ritual for folly as now!’
`School graduation is a dangerous time because a form of democratic rule takes place where the elegant displace the more able minded for happy survival and antagonism can get violent!’
`The instinct to nurture stems from the right brain as also offers insight for evolution as conscience nuance for justice as goads the conscious mind to comprehend its irascible left brain, out to win whatever it can to brag about for yet more power.’
`A democracy offers its winners the opportunity to so proceed to win whatever may be left in their twisted greedy mind!’
`One must evict that which keeps their conscious mind dumb as smothered in half truths and cliche over reality.’
`The sloppiest part of the CNS in man is the moderating conscious mind, programmed to evade insight so its own salvation!’
`Lacking insight, little maintenance occurs to anything thus a need to buy and so sell trivia to such programmed minds!’
`Reprogramming will only occur when the moderative conscious mind realizes it was programmed stupid to not perceive reality!’
`Ample nuances come to the conscious mind but often with a too intellectual id which censors rapidly as Freud well noted!’
`To be obviously friendly yet overt in speech can be a quality sign where their left brain gets goaded by the nontemporal right and their conscious mind remains as a constant moderator.’
`When potentials are known by one lateral unconscious mind the time oriented other should learn patience and faith, especially the moderative too often kept dumb conscious mind in the middle!’
`When gene therapy finally realizes the haphazard therapeutic results are due to what psychologically rides the many genes, the net result will turn attention to mind and subduing the worst!’
`Ph.D. `phuckers’ do not need to get their hands dirty as have ample dirt in their minds and mouth to last them a lifetime!’
`The only sadness if then any when the dispensation ends will be for souls who lost their battle with an alerted conscious mind who thwarted all acts of collusional folly with discarnates!’
`The mental servoloop of the CNS hides the reality of the imperative need of a moderative human conscious mind!’
`Sustained confusion with unsaid care over trivia is the major means to keep one’s conscious mind dumb now until their end!’
`The collusional factor between all incarnate left brain dominants would anger their conscious mind beyond belief!’
`To amuse one’s own self is not only a waste of time but could be a great hazard to one’s conscious mind!’
`From a binary coded genetic language the primitive fed happily, the goal of life satisfied earning its survival while learning in then a mental way for its end goal of evolution. The soon to develop conscious mind for moderative control after the epoch of the chicken defined ultimately the human specie and it to the nontemporal most primal mind for advice on living rationally.’
`What one psychotherapist may call a mental malady another may call as quality aspect even if bizarre since reflects the mind of the nontemporal which is the only means for true psychotherapy.’
`Mind therapy requires the conscious mind’s active role in the discernment thence action to purge its id’s neurosis, this makes possible the evolution of therapy for the truly exciting life!’
`Caution is always required at first when the distraught id or soul over being discovered might commit suicide, thus the time to gently inform a naive conscious mind of its duty to moderate the whole mind with advice from the right brain superconscious mind!’


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