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by on August 31, 2010

`Quality thinkers do not dwell in serial logics as some digital time oriented computer but use spatial insight for the acquisition of reality, then think upon same with the guiding curious conscious mind avoiding if possible historical recall as offered by the ill, yet claimed logical left brain!’
`The soul, as a bucking bronco will throw any conscious mind rider if possible, often with IQ most prevented in the latter, or kill their common body with AiR if time remains as curiosity has begun in the conscious mind.’
`Since the use of insight stems from a conscious mind’s alerting of its great value, the father figure remains the final hope of any dying culture overrun by sycophants!’
`Why else would a soul keep its moderative conscious mind stupid, unless to manipulate its thoughts for predatory objectives?’
`The unbroken mustang knows little better, as the human soul, that a partnership, as with a conscious mind, might lead to a net better life with less stress, especially after their body’s death
`To not “throw to know” defines the gambling syndrome where no insight is used for a naive conscious mind, to fail life’s goal.’
`Sickness is the means to goad a once content conscious mind to begin to reexamine the unconscious, even if the physiological pain is derived from the psychological to begin with!’
`The human conscious mind has fallen Patsy to all retaliation aimed at its id which initiated folly, then must face its AiR in an attempt to escape the greatest retaliation brought by God!’
`That which demands a fatty diet in the human will never divulge the syndrome to their conscious mind in fear of a rational response, thus their appetite is driven most when curious.’
`The best of all early theological thinking has been very well distorted now with evoluted intellect so no rational conscious mind can make heads of tails of the jargon on purpose!’
`Because empirical fact means little to those with their mind made up, most from tenured status, the human animal now blunders most because these people get installed with authority!’
`Plausible stories abound where the empirical remains fuzzy as the minds parroting same, yet the best means for tenure is to divine half truths that the more naive will believe.’
`Darwin saw some `mechanics’ as others pointing to galaxy jets and cosmic bubbles as their genesis from the vast play of magnetic fields for subtended masstime reality. The last phase of the venture will be the apocalypse as will define the mind.’
`The current approach to defining scientifically the mind will bring that feared apocalypse as will also define why science now remains so naive of some facets of the empirical obvious!’
`Folklore or not, experts refuting experts, as A. Clark’s Hal in 2001 defines adroitly the vast neurosis now prevailing in the sciences where the evoluted time oriented left brain user as rectilinear `self’ insists upon the dumb midbrain conscious mind, to be sure it cannot render moderation!’
`Dreams are offered with the most important import last, just as the conscious mind becomes fully aware of same to reconsider without too much of its id’s censoring!’
`In some ways males are safer than women from that which seethes within their subconscious mind yet in other ways naivete can cover thus protect from covert seething others who must survive upon those kept naive, while the males must seek to comprehend!’
`When it costs less to feed a child than educate them by federal statistics, it reflects the programming effort to make fodder for the state than able minded people who can think!’
`The best of all insurance policies is curiosity so that Nature’s attention remains at hand to warn as change one’s mind abruptly to avoid the danger of an `accident’ needing insurance!’
`To learn little while idling through life, pain is allowed by Nature to ensure curiosity drives that conscious mind!’
`Fortunately not too many Devils get an incarnation to torment a kept dumb conscious mind. Otherwise one might blame Nature for an evil that mankind could never understand lacking insight!’
`The soul fears adroitly becoming some automaton to its own wiser conscious mind since unconscious folly as Freud noted would cease as curiosity would follow for a vibrant society, to say nothing of completing the evolutional thing for Nature!’
`The soul in the human remains `unbroken’ so unbridled by the moderative conscious mind to obtain the conditions mankind sees for his pending dispensative conclusion!’
`The soul is naturally a fool when it finds intellectual evolution has permitted it to fool a moderative conscious mind!’
`The most evoluted soul’s anger towards another for teaching their conscious mind about reality often becomes a revulsion to end one or the other’s life!’
`The sad spectre for a curious conscious mind now is its need to mental grow rapidly to surpass its well evoluted soul to make sense of hidden perpetrated folly as death if about to be discovered. The enigma brings the promised apocalypse thus the need for a vast human cleansing on planet earth!’


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