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by on August 31, 2010

`The conscious mind’s interfacing between two relative spacetime continuum allows time to comprehend the nontemporal, its net objective, while seldom perceived, to to drag, often kicking and screaming, its id or soul from redundant folly!’
`All visual percepts are of prime interest to the id, as best noted with REM dream, where reality can be defined too well for a potentially alert moderative conscious mind (RAS).’
`People fear the mention of the term schizophrenia because of their id’s full awareness and that its conscious mind might begin to ask questions, the likely problem of Psychiatry where APA professionals lead is suicide of all professionals!’
`Because the conscious mind can moderate behavior, it is the most programmed stupid or given Alzheimer’s for life!’
`Psychic revolt is the norm even if most in the authorized as won’t tolerate any fugue of insight with an alert conscious mind standing by to ask more questions!’
`To convey the subtle import that one has lost their mind has at least one quality result as blocks most silly questions, even if it invites the more stupid with an APA credential!’ `The worst `imprisonment’ for the conscious mind is to be programmed by its left brain to believe it is in control, yet not!’
`Since the Net has followed the TV format, it can be unplugged also to save energy and one’s mind!’
`A bunker for the body as one’s mind today is wise indeed because whatever gets exposed the corrupt want a profit from it!’
`Without conscious experience that mind cannot recognize what was folly versus quality behavior in the soul’s past, only does a conscious mind know of its own life’s experience but can learn to use insight for comprehending conscience to moderate wisely.’
`The more primitive soul stays close to its guiding complemental until it learns to enjoy its predatory license to evade any conscience guidance so then needs a conscious mind’s moderation.’
`The soul is the conscious mind’s pain in the ass, and quite literally when an ugly soul invites henchmen for dinner!’
`The most efficient office for research is owned and operated by one person, to so keep his mind on track as away from the ever present social milieu clamoring to change his mind!’
`Any soul that refuses to defend its physical body for AiR deserves the wrath of its conscious mind which not feel guilty of using potent Chi to correct all matters thereafter!’
`Those who do indeed do topdown thinking within the confines of slow masstime, they understand the derivation of mass from E as a pure magnetic flux with a mind of it’s own!’
`The conscious mind should at least have a few priorities in life, since only lives once in its body to aid its soul evolute!’
`To understand that death is worth more than life to most incarnated souls, only trauma can come to such curious conscious mind facing now its greatest challenge of all evolutional time!’
`The mental connection between Chi use and overt thought makes clear that mind is at least over the biological physical. If this is truly mind over matter then the EM wave front does have physical force, just as the EMPs that initiate primal quasar cores!’
`Monkey see, monkey do needs to be now changed to monkey hear, monkey do which the left brain user listens to its common mtDNA carriers for advice beneath the hearing of the conscious mind for profitable actions of folly.’
`To learn the fundamental mtDNA frequency might allow man to read his unbidden relatives offering advice for folly for a bite to eat. Thence the conscious mind might act more directly in its own net favor even without conscience as offered by its I Am!’
`The sum of human knowledge has always been coded in the mtDNA even if twisted for the conscious mind to defray more questions. As insight gets used wisdom follows so a holocaust will be needed to defray the greatest liability to man’s unseen ancestors!’
`Biblical scripture comes close by predicting some apocalyptic event to be traumatic where the human conscious mind awakens to what governs it with irrational impunitive folly!’
`To get into bed with the conditioned passive as religious now in no hurry to `seek’, Pandora’s Box awaits their kept dumb conscious mind to teach it an awful lesson along with its soul!’


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