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by on August 31, 2010

`Religion wins souls by destroying the human conscious mind something incarnate man should comprehend!’ `People go to holy communion but their conscious minds communicate with nothing because such information is between only the diabolical, whose interest is never in God’s reality!’
`The 2 fold human immune response makes clear that a conscious mind needs to comprehend same in order to survive anymore today!’
`With the mounting confirmational data defining how accurately Einstein’s Special Relativity equations pertain to all aspects of reality within masstime, the human CNS comes to mind. Not only does the space versus time complementals as bilateral body displacement become obvious but their very independent behavior as objectives, even antagonisms become self evident.’
`All conscious minds suffer from the bipolar syndrome, whether it appreciates that nomenclature or not!’
`Since Sperry confirmed the spacetime complemental lateral mental faculty in man, the growing conception of integrated mind for any conscious awareness requires an A to D as D to A system.’
`Human ugliness will not be fully seen until man’s conscious mind understands the bipolar syndrome, as the overt prevarication of his left brain now fully noted in splitbrain research!’
`Raw thoughts are visual but become rational as evolving mind puts the obvious together until too much gets learned to evoke late mankind’s vast neurosis with wars to help its malaise!’
`From one profound thought creating cosmic EMPs to zillions of other thoughts made by other minds, one might think that mind was all there was just as Zen had implied!’
`The mind `explosion’ worth waiting for only comes after another mental explosion in rebellion, often suicide via AiR when possible with evoluted intellect!’
`The content busy themselves with thoughts about Nature while the frustrated busy their minds with covert predatory thoughts!’
`No psychotherapy is worthy of its bother unless the suffering conscious mind is alerted to its unconscious problem!’


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