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by on August 31, 2010

`A far different attitude would prevail towards their recently deceased if man’s conscious mind were aware of their wants, especially without disclosing why!’
`There is no such thing as a true atheist, only a stupid conscious mind whose intellectual soul took over!’
`Alcoholism is a conscious mind’s defense against its own sympathetic CNS which condones it as defends it from ancestors!’
`As long as the human conscious mind does not perceive why the left brain needs its ignorance, it will fail to perceive the only panacea residing in the right brain until some net demise!’
`To read all that one’s attention is brought to can be most enlightening when insight guides one’s conscious mind to look!’
`The `tickedoff’ mind is seldom the conscious mind as is kept too stupid to know when it gets slighted!’
`Psychotherapy should be a good adventure for a conscious mind but can’t be in the U.S. since it reveals its great psychopathy!’
`The most advanced reptilian mind now only runs for political office as knows there is no other way to survive with insightive others paying attention to control all education as laws!’
`Not only is the loss of proper nouns a boon to the less socially minded insightive, but keeps most anger from their minds!’ `The conscious mind of man could indeed have made a difference but would have remained with the early church dogmas which were succinct, not twisted beyond comprehension as now. Apparently the last of any quality faith as understanding was with the Clovis.’
`God did a fine job of creating other minds, even if most were temporary, or returned to extended time now!’
`Food for energy to escape extended time dictates the ferocious hunger of the unconscious reptilian mind now nearly fully evoluted in the human left brain, especially in discarnate ways!’
`If only a 20 minute reprieve from one’s reptilian mind half by using a burst of Chi while trying to think clearly, it is well worth the left eye’s twitching syndrome for a moment thereafter!’
`American women can’t think fast with only their temporal mind in control because nothing ahead of time gets across their now defunct anteriocorpus callosum anymore.’
`A lovely girl now seldomly defines a quality one mentally!’
`The automatic but subtle “aha” agreement to a profound remark can best define the neurotic shut down of that sayer’s own consciousness mind.’
`Only with sustained curiosity can some conscious mind carry through Nature’s goal of evolution, even if that behavior evokes one’s maximum of unconscious subterfuge!’
`Circumstances stem from prior situations, often presented to the gullible mind that needs some tough lessons. Oddly enough, a nuance for that lesson comes straight from Nature yet guiding the the few often discarnates, yet naive of such mechanics!’
`If mankind lasts, it is even feasible that the empirical research data might reach his conscious mind enough to evoke its so badly needed paradigm shift to escape war as his blood thirsty left brain half, when in its discarnate mode!’
`The only thing more fearful of an awakening conscious mind is its id as cares not to play Thanatos if necessary!’
`A conscious mind that aids and abets its own death has likely learned too much about life!’
`The fathomless depth of the dark brown eye when its iris can blend with the pupil may show an equal mind unfathomable, especially in the Mongolian whose corpus callosum remains intact!’
`We only think we are happy yet is in the mind of the beholder whose conscious mind has not yet understood which unconscious!’
`Rutty thinking requires a rut derived mind, as from infinite time which refuses to perceive reality as actually dynamic!’
`About the only antig noted today on earth as governed by the mind is in extreme emotional moments as lifting a car off of a child or children tossing grown people in voodoo dances!’


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