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by on August 31, 2010

`The greatest loveaffair comes when a conscious mind finds what stoodby in life to guide, just for the sake of curiosity!’
`A stoned or stunned face reflects a petrified mind therein!’
`At least an awakened conscious mind’s vehemence can often be a match for its ugly id, especially turning for aid from its benign complemental as wields pure energy, thus most formidable!’
`When there is seen little left to win, the soul wants out of the body, the best time then for the spirit to gain a conscious mind’s attention as learn how to evade AiR!’ `The conscious mind seldom fears falling asleep, yet the same can’t be said of the soul where energy awakens and can be blocked for benign reasons!’
`The slow steady motion used in Tai Chi sustains the id’s attention thus permits the conscious mind to contemplate an offered insight which came without much disturbance.’
`The aborigine has more interest in cause from effect than any modernminded scientific researcher bent on tenure!’
`Worse than Simon as a bipolar who speaks his mind is some empiricist, now just mentioning scientific facts to the tenured!’
`As an electron, man’s mind gyrates right where it left off!’
`Once one’s id recognizes it is torturing itself with jealousy by making its conscious mind suffer yet cannot escape life, it is more apt to settle down to be a mere pain in the ass thereafter!’
`Difficult is it to keep one’s eyes and ears truly open now as intellectual evolution permits the intellectual strength to censor anything that the conscious mind needs to know to moderate.’
`The apocalypse will be far more than the awakened fact that we conscious minds have been duped royally by our ancestors!’
`How could a Creator of life not consider its needs when fulfilling the evolutional quest to make rational that new mind? The rub comes when predation remains the only program used so a conscious mind must be introduced somewhere after the chicken, so man now struggles consciously to comprehend his driven folly!’
`The route to limbo of the soul is laden with masstime folly, as long as a conscious mind’s moderation can be held in limbo!’
`If mankind is to awaken, it will need to put to sleep its now governing, especially the left brain intellect ruling all of the conscious mind’s thoughts!’
`The human conscious mind’s sustained stupidity is promulgated by its left brain yet could know all over time using their right brain’s infinite repertory sans slow time.’
`Because the conscious mind can, if alert, overrule its id’s planned folly with right brain conscience, that person suffers as the id’s henchmen are brought into the more desperate fight.’
`The structure of the time oriented mind within masstime requires the use of atoms, either for a midbrain for consciousness or mtDNA for the soul which will survive albeit in limbo, and it knows it to define late mankind’s great tribulations today!’


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