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by on August 31, 2010

`The agony the human conscious mind goes through for its soul may evoke the question of why, when it cannot replace that soul?’
`Does the genetic fluke to evoke lissencephaly show the parent’s epileptic revolt where ST memory is blocked to evade all grabber engrams where an alert conscious mind might act in its own better favor?’
`Loners at least think clearly in proportion to less conflict with other minds, especially if rejecting their own ancestors. It can evoke great hostility where others become a majority!’
`Only the reductive mind of the computer programmer could get y2k as the rest of the mess entangling humanity today!’
`Man makes his thinking machines far more able now than his own programmed mind yet ignores the Self thinking one as could most advance all of human thinking in all history!’ `The term hell is a terrible word as it reminds, so disturbs!’
`Damn your soul often by shoving it into darkness with Chi, it is practice to ready the moderative conscious mind for the pending mental paradigm shift so the least trauma at that time!’
`While a conscious mind finds fear in rational danger, the use of paranoia by the id to evoke conscious fear is often irrational yet not really so where obedience is demanded to evade reality!’
`As a howler monkey disturbed by some facts in life, the more noisy schizophrenic defines which unconscious within its mental matrix fears most any reality getting exposed to its moderative conscious mind which could act with impunity if given a chance!’
`When a benign vision evokes the worst of human behavior, one can bet a conscious mind missed that overt warning!’
`Overt confabulation occurs in the terrorized schizophrenic as political sycophant whose id with ancestors demands stupidity to win whatever. The phenomena now abounds in the sciences since the empirical obvious mounts exponentially for aware conscious minds that had been wary all along of right brain offered insight!’
`People are happy to pay to belong, as long as it profits them with stupidity and a long life of simple minded ignorance!’
`A stupid conscious mind permits the greatest folly to proceed with chance as most with intellect, where evil dominates with aid from ancestors pointing out chances for profit or failure!’
`The problem with confabulation is that is is the social norm with intellectual prowess, so least suspected now by a conscious mind which should be most wary of the folly!’
`Behind the scenes of conscious awareness are two other minds with complemental scenes, one with potentials as guides and the other in history, fighting for dominance all the way to nowhere!’
`The greatest danger to the soul is an aware conscious mind as may recognize that soul as Thanatos!’
`Beliefs are actually the business of the human conscious mind, who now seldomly recognizes its authority!’
`Sadly, we conscious minds must beckon our soul from hell to get L.T. memory over time which invites folly or its henchmen. It will be far different when the spirit gets that same information in an instant to leave the soul down there without knowing it!’
`The abdicating id, in often an alcoholic person, shows ancestors who will feed with impunity, forcing such conscious mind to imbibe endlessly if never learning how to use Chi.’
`Unconscious activity progresses from subtle twisted nuance to overt silly terrors, even epilepticus to evade imports in reality which could evoke a conscious mind’s curiosity to conclude that behavior as get on with Nature’s intent of the id’s evolution.’
`The human conscious mind does too much guessing now so the need of the Self thinking interface will relieve humanity most for the following rational life without politics.’
`That which offers we conscious minds some hallucination only seeks our attention to reality, however bizarre we may call it!’
`Depending on how `physical’ a discarnate behaves defines its rate of activity which is always cyclic as feeding on some yet hapless incarnate whose conscious mind remains programmed dumb!’
`Under the cover of less stressful darkness the discarnate is apt to think better than a kept dumb conscious mind thus fear can be invoked to keep curiosity from upsetting planned folly!’


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