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by on August 31, 2010

`Since the soul insists on flying our `machine’ and will not use ILS, it needs to be grounded with LSD to allow the conscious mind to take the controls for the rational life!’
`The conscious mind that manages to keep their soul evoluting may avoid a stint in hell even if that soul doesn’t want that then for the glee of manipulating, with its predatory instinct!’
`Madness comes in two forms, either believed from either brain half which shows how well the human conscious mind got programmed to believe only its left brain for the true madness!’
`The fundamental question now is `who’ is sick when we label a person as pathological? We err badly by not defining the three minds in man which permits the sick one to escape detection so in default escapes retribution while the kept naive conscious mind absorbs the brunt of all blame!’
`The soul needs a kept dumb conscious mind in order to slip in its predatory folly at will, to buy time as evade completed evolution without a curious conscious mind’s goading.’
`When we sit down to write we consciously fail to note who is offering our thoughts as its validity when unconscious profits come first in that left brain or soul’s mind!’
`The remark of some “full complete rest still waiting for the people of God”, yet undefined to the human conscious mind might imply wanted purchased time for folly for no wise moderation!’
`At least Power Ball gambling these final hours of claimed rationality define what drives the human mind without any idea of what needs to win big in life so win most after death!’
`No human information will match the Self thinking interface because few people can speak without some profit motive in mind, especially when held away from their conscious mind!’
`Agony turns one’s conscious mind like nothing else, especially towards their other unconscious which truly can aid!’
`The promise to win has become the most hideous joke as scheme to defraud a conscious mind of perceiving reality!’
`Most unfortunately, the able minded who could aid others most are the most to be hampered by established authority, fearful of reality as governed by the deceased as fear their future justly!’
`The need to be a `cart blanc’ conscious mind yet pay attention to only their insight offering right brain makes clear the subjective war prevailing, where what uses its left brain fears little its physical body’s death yet does fear extended time!’
`When rf frequencies get decoded directly from the mtDNA, then will his conscious mind be faced with the stark reality of evil!’
`The greatest shock to the human conscious mind is that its own soul works against any quality thought which might lessen its life’s burdens, especially when seeking any form of health!’
`To consciously comprehend one’s two CNS as their independent forces to gain dominance as defines the late human condition, now forces that beleaguered conscious mind to balance with force the more predatory one before it evokes AiR to kill their body!’
`The greatest fear a soul has is to get trapped by the wiser conscious mind to evade AiR and finalize that soul’s evolution.’
`The fate of the human conscious mind is either schizophrenic now or programmed to fight wars, neither conducive for conscious awakening but by some design, yet never by Nature!’


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