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by on August 31, 2010

`If the `son’ of the Trinity is the conscious mind then the Holy Spirit must be the Devil incarnate!’
`Those now sucking desperately on the able minded for ever more material profit will be the first to get sucked into hell by their failing ancestors who guided their thinking!’
`If its not the conscious mind that responds to hypnotic suggestion then who or what does animate the body by some alter ego, often demonstrating stupid behavior? Is there some unseen profit conveyed to act out when offered a body as chattel being used?’
`Homophobia evokes the military mind when ignorant, yet intellect offers APA’s suicides when getting too close to the truth!’
`People who mutilate their body for attention disclose more a mutilated mind done by their unseen discarnate ancestors!
`One must not appear to care in life now as apparent happiness can offer jollies to authority who must own productive labor, not the able minded who might think!’
`Best for life is an awakening conscious mind so its then liberal use of Chi can indeed moderate the evolutional drive!’
`We humans need to rethink the value of war, when little goads the contended human mind from its happy but dumb deadcenter!’
`While maybe dangerous yet not bad, to open one’s mind into reality with right brain offered insight can keep one delighted for life if not a recluse to not offend the neurotic.’
`The cruel minded must set examples to strike fear in others who might think, as need programming by the state for worthy fodder if at all possible now.’
`The soul that refuses to heed its T4 guidance cells deserves to die a slow death with only its killer T3 cells. Sad is it as the yet naive conscious mind must die as well and stupidly!’
`The only time a discarnate ceases fighting to keep a body, as the soul then inhabiting same, is when it has lost its game of hideandseek with its conscious mind, angered and has found Chi to get even hopefully before evoked AiR kills that body!’
`Imagination is the most important mental ability since it can permit a curious conscious mind access to Nature, thus genius.’
`The imagination is never some guess if brought forth in fidelity to be fully considered with the conscious mind’s care!’
`True insight carries with it a vast responsibility as becomes most dangerous in the mind of the covert psychopath as get into some social position of power and authority!’
`When a good taste fades it is also the time for the conscious mind to push the table away!’
`Time’s perception for the left brain using id is defined by the EEG, yet the right brain goes on above without limit, even if unable to convey same to a body’s conscious mind.’
`We conscious minds are fortunate as have no innate reference of relative time unless Big Brother’s game playing biannually, so blunder along happily until too late!’
`Difficult is it to not harm another with wisdom now, even by default because what governs late evoluted man takes advantage of his seething Thanatos alert to its conscious mind’s curiosity!’
`When a programmed conscious mind allows its dominance its id moves in promptly to take over, as make that kept dumb conscious mind believe somehow it rules the roost, yet in a vast ignorance for evoked folly!’


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