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by on August 31, 2010

`It is the business of the conscious mind to push their soul into hell, thus the overt revulsion of the soul towards mankind!’
`To give oneself to the Christ can procure the fastest way to evolute one’s predatory soul, especially after a long prior time of learning how to manipulate some moderative conscious mind!’
`Never awaken the simpler mind too soon to reality because it can evoke the worst behavior of their id, claimed cured with some neuroleptic to pacify as stagnate then most future evolution.’
`Thanatos is most intolerant to the curious conscious mind!’
`The lack of independent thinking as now noted with higher academic achievement shows programmed ignorance, especially when followers claiming to be leaders defines an obedient conscious mind unable to discern reality anymore!’
`Children come to the right parents whether they need nurture, discipline or goading, even to teach some tough lessons to their guardians when feeble mindedness starts too early in life!’
`We all have two other minds which serve us well but why now should one of them with so much intellectual deceit?’
`Any conscious mind’s free will is a farce if not a diabolical machination so sadly misunderstood today!’
`True spirituality cannot come until man’s conscious mind at last awakens to his bilateral bifurcated mind, as which is worthy of any further attention!’
`Hands on learning evokes the next phase of mind over matter, that needed phase change for inventive genius, so best find such active children a past genius to use again hands on those kids!’
`The less active old timer who used to think need children to keep his mind yet active to say nothing of the joy he’ll get!’
`Flukes in life do not occur only when the greater fluke of a blocked conscious mind whose fate then gets sealed for life by ancestors who guide their incarnates to feed them unwittingly!’
`The well polished `reflect’ most anything of value to their kept dumb conscious mind to define modern academia best!’
`The larger the official address the smaller the mind thereat. Like ribbons and metals for official military quality killing, a few need to advertise their business as using tax payer’s money.’
`The great profit gained by obscuring reality goes far deeper in psychic terms than simple minded academic tenurism!’
`Man’s real neurosis stems from the need to hide reality from his conscious mind which could awaken for the promised apocalypse and the bloody mess to follow to feed his hungry legions which defines Nature’s whole underlying design to begin with!’
`While a true project for any qualified engineer, the evolutional thing by Nature was indeed the ultimate test of, as for, any mind, even if living at c to act in time to quell folly!’
`To learn to think on one’s own shows a conscious mind’s curiosity as often goaded by their insight offering right brain, thus no need of others to falsify reality for them.’

Q688: `How can one gain an understanding of their whole self when the conscious mind must depend upon an innate prevaricator that insists on remaining anonymous for fallacious reasons?’
`Complex game playing is fine for the aboriginal minded but is of little value beyond buying time to evade what is new for the intellectual in authorized power!’
`For temporal reasoning, all apparent antithesis need integration to define their complemental differences, especially the two complemental minds arguing in the intellectual’s head!’
`The astute mendacity to hide greed now defines what goads the human animal with promises, from those unseen yet close in mind!’
`The shift forward of the speaker’s mandible tells more about their set of mind than heard expression.’
`To teach facts in a religious community is futile if not very dangerous since its authority always has their minds made up, but by their deceased who demand the human animal remain stupid!’
`The psychological `null hypothesis’ gets ignored because we human conscious minds have been programmed too stupid to consider our two complemental unconscious minds.’
`Another’s conscious mind often remains a friend even if their jealous id becomes our worst enemy!’
`To feel `bad’ is fine since reflects a depressed soul finally reaching some impasse which before was perverting all it could in happiness yet your conscious mind’s expense!’
`The worst scenario to burst upon a conscious mind’s awareness is to find it is dealing with a ancient well evoluted diabolical soul bent on defeating anything as all within masstime!’
`To have one’s body die at the same rate as its conscious mind awakens is the goal of the soul, evading its evolutional design as winning time for folly before that conscious mind rebels,, as with anorexia to survive if necessary!’
`Our uncanny ability to find the worst of all scenarios after a bit of luck defines cyclic life as pushed unseen by our own complemental minds each tired of the other!’
`Death for the conscious mind is final while seldom for a soul who was likely responsible for the former’s death, yet can suffer extended time to be left behind its peers for persistent folly!’
`We only think accidents as ill health stems from chance, yet we conscious minds need to think again but very carefully!’
`Because the conscious mind cannot depend upon its own memory as gets twisted to profit the diabolical, AiR becomes the worst, as sustains all attention on some malaise as will kill the subject if they dwell too long on it, rather that what promotes it!’
`The grand question of how mass with time got integrated, even as derived from pure E, will baffle mankind because the relative finite minds therewith remain a taboo to study, without a fudging shaman to twist reality into some `safe’ half truth.’
`The soul learns by association thus as some dog, evades what before gave it pain, as Chi pushing it down into hell, evoked by its own wiser conscious mind tired of its persistent folly!’
`The alcoholic cannot define his malady because if their conscious mind found its reason it would stop it abruptly but then learn of the better remedy to evict their ills called qi or Chi!’
`The greedy as more evil minded do not worry about how others suffer at being manipulated because they know of their `escape’ into an extended temporal realm to never know any better soon!’
`When speaking one is in a dynamic mental mode even while prevaricating for some profit objective, a factor the conscious mind seldom considers because then has no conscience. Over time half truths become a way of life until understood to silence himself!’
`The nontemporal freed electron can predict an outcome, even bias its outcome with dopamine use to alert a dumb conscious mind to act in some propitious way in time!’
`Only the Omnipresent could know when to license an act much less energize the licensee for it, something late religions need to learn yet about their trinity thing with a dumb conscious mind inbetween making incantation noises rather than thinking!’
`To be hustled keeps one’s fight flight id in control as their conscious mind preoccupied to not perceive an offered warning by insightive nuance thus some lesson of pain well deserved!’
`To be given peace of mind amongst obvious chaos is the art of spirit, offering insights adequate to the problems at hand!’
`To be correct in theory without some numbers invalidates the truth of reality in the eyes of all digitally minded left brain dominants rushing to win, but fail to yet understand what!’
`To become aware of what as why one says what they do, the conscious mind in vast chagrin would cease all speech what ever!’
`Human folly has little to do with that animals’ conscious mind any more since was captured by its astute evoluted soul to be a slave for whatever profited that pathological faculty.’
`Yuppies on parade are humanity’s rule makers now, thus we can expect to follow rules under enforced law to sustain regimented minds to remain naive of Nature’s design as goal in us!’
`Nature built fear into the soul so now it promulgates it into the human conscious mind to keep it out of its business of folly, until that fateful time when its evolutional stint is completed!’
`The greatest blunder the conscious mind of man made was to follow the advice of his deceased ancestors so now suffers his ethnic wars to feed them fatty lipids to escape extended time!’


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