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by on August 31, 2010

`The dream offers direct hints in visual form to be deciphered by the dreamer since would be irrational to most others. Only by reconsidering later a past dream does adroit nuances come to that conscious mind to define the crux of that dream’s major import.’
`Dreams only replace what we cannot think openly about as with their own conscious mind!’
`To read reality accurately, one must see subjectively their own dynamic visions, not bother with another’s as is directed to their conscious mindset for better understanding. It is the main problem with psychoanalytic work and takes many years to learn.’
`To conspire to end psychopathy is illegal now so the worst of all conspirators are in authority with Orwell in mind!’
`Because the soul knows it is doomed with an aware conscious mind, there should be no reason to consciously understand this unless the intellectual soul manages to dumb down a person first as get well programmed in ritual in church or academia!’
`Stupidity is difficult to overcome when a smarter mind than you occupies their head to censor all that might reveal reality!’
`To take leave of masstime can’t be too bad for a beleaguered conscious mind that tried to figure it out before too late!’
`Oddly yet maybe good, only the political minded have the guts to make ill promises as teaches the yet naive, even if hell so awaits those folly prone who had to win whatever right then!’
`The return to counting on the fingers is a good sign, after a conscious mind regains full cerebral dominance!’
`The good versus bad value CNS systems to evoke joy or pain is that final adjunct to turn the id from folly to peace for a less painful experience yet the conscious mind to pleasure.’
`The spirit advises from the nontemporal, even offers the energy at act in benign ways to a conscious mind, recognizing the will of benign outcomes.’
`We seldomly die of any `natural cause’ unless killing by the soul, slowly with AiR or overtly by `accident’, could be equated as natural when the human conscious mind is kept stupid!’
`The soul now survives on its evoluted wits as it nears its known end so must outwit its curious conscious mind at all cost!’


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