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by on August 31, 2010

`Temporal existence is that time for learning about reality where unity time exists at c from another mind!’
`A disruptive id means it sees better what is coming than you the conscious mind for your own good!’
`It will soon be up to the human conscious mind to act in its own behalf and its unconscious soul knows it all too well now!’
`At least the ugly minded are the majority now to reach each of their own kind the tougher lessons on life!’
`To read another’s mind invites chaos if they own authority!’
`This is no time to be defenseless because evolution has developed the worst possible evil as diabolical force called legion that the conscious mind of man could ever face!’
`One by one our souls graduate from its historical chaos, yet not willfully for which the human conscious mind was integrated to demand rational behavior and introspection to find reality.’
`Deceased ancestors coordinate their unholy business through holy communion until a conscious mind awakens to leave the church to find the real wellspring of religion with insight.’
`The coma may be an asset for a beleaguered conscious mind, to also allow the unconscious to come to terms about further life!’
`To bump into the correct theory one must be asking the right questions as have yet an open conscious mind into insight, factor no longer prevalent with academic programming in half truths!’
`The animal drive to make might right stems from the evoluted fact that dominance is the whole goal for survival, especially as some mind attempts to exist in a dynamic way without a stomach!’
`Between perceiving fragments of reality as one schizophrenic type all too well sees, yet own enough reductive mind to consider in detail those fragments on which to evolve whole theories, the net conscious need of both brain halves then defines creativity.’
`We conscious minds always have a fine excuse for folly, if we understood what goaded us into stupid acts via our left brain!’
`The objective is to increase one’s insights rate, much as the hallucinating schizophrenic yet use their reductive mind to integrate for memory as compare relative values for a wanted output!’
`Why let your soul worry you to control your behaviors? Just because some water got over the dam to damn a soul does not mean that such fate awaits a conscious mind!’
`Fruit flies are not really that alert they just have a non temporal faculty watching out for them something the conscious mind of the human animal has been well censored from!’
`Because mental processing requires the use of both inductive and reductive facets, a conscious mind therebetween must proceed with caution as to which unconscious to believe!’
`Men smell naturally wholesome to some women without perfume, because neither have facade as fightflight in mind!’
`Between the elite’s knowledge of their need to remain in some authority for survival and the wiser who must remain subjugated, the resolvement of evolution continues amongst the human animal albeit seldom in the way the conscious mind perceives it!’
`The next as final step in human evolution is the conscious mind’s volitional will to integrate its lateral cerebral thinking to complete Nature’s design in masstime with active insight.’
`That time to divest oneself of their predatory id is close and worst, that id knows it better than most conscious minds at this very late hour of humanity’s evolutional trek!
`Uncanny, but only to the time oriented mind, is some reality that exists in a `now’ relative to slow temporal masstime!’
`When all believed `enigmas’ are near comprehension yet blocked by a volitional neurosis it is that `volition’ than most needs be understood by the conscious mind of man!’
`Mankind only consciously thinks he is wise but that is the foible most to entrap that conscious mind with academic programming done to ensure stupidity up to a planned end!’


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