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by on August 31, 2010

`The primitive minded depend on faith but seldom understand it is of their ancestors whose need is that faith, most to feed on!’
`Death is the major escape route of the soul’s evolution where it kills its body and conscious mind in hopes of starting over!’
`Apathy can start early in life when a soul learns its conscious mind will be too well educated to evade!’
`Suicides show how little control we the conscious mind has over behavior, as sad import when it comes to learning about our own `self’ as subconscious now ruling us with impunity!’
`Well programmed minds are what the church and government must have thus defines the apocalyptic awakening for that grand war to truly end all wars, for this next human evolutional epoch.’
`People that believe they live in some free country need their conscious minds screwed back in if it can be found anymore!’
`We blunder most in the experience for the lessons we need for our evolutional trek, likely the most difficult lesson the soul must learn to sustain stupid human conscious minds as integrated to moderate if it can indeed be awakened!’
`The most important words a conscious mind can learn now are curses to use in meaningful ways!’
`As some persistent gnat, authority who fears another will resort to anything to profit from the more able minded!’
`Wise indeed is that conscious mind that seeks to comprehend what uses its left brain, especially what now governs it with impunity to their death, which then gets prolonged proportionally!’ `To recoup life’s needs from some calamity is Nature’s way to evolute the mind not program to follow of the most needy!’
`Few women can live the solitary life because they use only a solitary mind!’
`The reason why women hate cursing is because they don’t like unconsciously to be reminded of their proximity to same!’
`Evil is most when one’s id will barter with its body’s fatty lipids to do folly as sustain its conscious mind’s ignorance!’
`Hypnotic sleep is to suppress a moderative conscious mind so that half truths may be used overtly for some unsaid profit goal, and oddly from the very listeners then attending!’
`Man’s vast current stupidity is volitional folly, up to that promised conscious mind’s apocalypse and so mass abdication!’
`When reality comes together it means one’s two brain halves have compared notes and an alert conscious mind perceives clearly what before was volitionally hidden by their left cortex!’
`From predicted then confirmed by Sperry spacetime complemental needs of a dual unconscious from physics, a bilateral faculty soon found to fit what Freud perceived now dangerous indeed to the probing curious conscious mind called the RAS or midbrain.’
`To focus one’s attention on half truths as human idols is the foible man’s left brain demands as profits most with a kept dumb conscious mind up to its evoked death when so needed!’


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