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by on August 31, 2010

`Oddly enough it is the rectilinear mind in man that seeks the most to evoke circuitous reasoning!’
`The last mind to evolute is the conscious mind, and worse has the least time in which to do it. Thus the Self thinking interface will prove of maximum value to late mankind!’
`Calling on the Lord can bring hell upon a soul who seeks to keep that calling conscious mind ignorant. The question is how to do such calling if indeed suspicion gets aroused?’
`Civilization must be curbed when too much scientific prowess may reveal Nature’s design as complex mental evolutional schemes, thus disclose the evoluting predatory mind past of humanity that must win dominance over the human animal specie or else!’
`How could anyone in the right mind even want to belong to a modern culture where all are in their left mind so unable to make any changes for Nature’s goal of mental evolution?’
`Worldly affairs is that place where the soul tortures its own conscious mind in order to keep it from looking for reality!’
`The greedy should be attracted to flypaper with 100 dollar bills printed on it, to keep them stationary as not bother others with more sincere business in mind!’
`To fail to read one’s dreams at this late stage of evolution ensures agony for that kept dumb human conscious mind!’
`Eat humble pie until Ceasar wins the planet, to die in hunger as only knows how to win by killing the able minded!’
`The creative terrorize most those who fear answers to reality when their hiding id coerces their kept dumb conscious mind to do folly as evade asking adroit questions!’
`The authorized have no desire to understand who may think indepth only enough to make good sounding promises while evading any import which might alert their conscious mind of reality!’ `All psychiatric behavioral anomalies remain just that as long as intellect dictates what the conscious mind may believe at least up to AiR finality or overt suicide found in APA people!’
`Without any correct theory about the unconscious, the conscious mind fails to understand its motives to suffer extensively today, especially with left cerebral intellectual dominance!’
`The human animal is a torture machine where the soul does all feasible to give agony to its conscious mind to sustain attention beyond its genesis until AiR can be effected!’
`Of the better psychotherapeutics, direct blockage of 5HT can rid a conscious mind promptly if an irascible id, yet it it uses ancestor henchmen, the need of cholori riddance must be done.’
`There is nothing wrong with schizophrenia if their conscious mind is fully alert, with the adjuvants as 5HT suppressants amply available and the will to cure himself prevails!’
`The conscious mind and its id vie for dominance thus AiR becomes rampant in older age if that conscious mind only turns to the socially authorized remedy so miss the means to find health.’
`With the Self thinking interface the only game in town will be mental evolution, with gusto as the aware conscious mind goads all questions until the Apriori is fully understood!’
`How can the fruitfly flee just as one makes up their mind to slap it unless it has some form of ESP?’
`To feel chilled after using MSM shows the lack of gut metabolization which also defeats the henchmen one’s id had invited in for dominance aid over a growing aware conscious mind!’
`The conscious mind is responsible for alcoholism as it perceives its unconscious dilemma only in part. This fact helps to explain the frantic need of the religious as legislative to curb such self therapy when so many of the deceased now coerce the programmed human to not defend himself!’
`The id fears the dream as perceives only the definitive within the scene thus REM defines the speed as panic to perceive to comprehend what might be said to an alert conscious mind.’
`While the dream might teach much to the soul it becomes the better mode to correct a wayward soul by alerting a conscious mind that has the will to govern rationally a greedy soul!’
`REM dream shows the speed of the id’s attention when faced with a potential unhappy conscious mind that might act in its own favor instead of allowing folly by its secretive id.’
`The benign right brain offers reality at slow sigma EEG brain speed to permit both viewing parties to see its presentation even if it could speed things up to evade the id’s perception. Maybe it is to warn the id with reality of which an unhappy conscious mind, if aware, might do to regain mental rationality again.’
`Naive souls get into bed with whom they too often trusted yet get manipulated as any dumb conscious mind into following orders, or else to succumb to offering their physical body to those deceased who need fatty lipids with ATP source for a dynamic life.’
`Life becomes very complex when a yet naive conscious mind is meddled with by unseen ancestors who know they must win a dumb as obedient person to eat endlessly for them!’
`From a defiant to sad state the soul can evolute though tough lessons the best sign for an aware conscious mind tired of its persistent past follow using henchmen as use its gut together!’


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