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by on August 31, 2010

`To keep one’s id unbalanced so keeps their conscious mind in balance with the greatest aid from their right brain half!’
`Yates sensed clearly `this life this breath’ as his two brain halves defined their being to his conscious mind, as the grand freedom in the clouds flying, well away from life below.’
`Statistics requires time for a conscious mind to consider its numbers, something that is very difficult, however the obvious, when being bitten many times by some unseen anomalous something!’
`To write what comes to the mind can be a venture in itself as in time, opens the psyche enough for the once dumb conscious mind to begin to pursue reality often offered ambiguously in visions at first, to expand to define reality clearly with enough time!’
`A mendacious soul tolerates violent thoughts if not promoting them, yet in time a conscious mind will see other realities when enough attention is given to even swing to quality thoughts as on deeper reality which are anything but violent!’
`To `see’ through one’s `mind’s eye’ is twofold, one with the gestalt overview noted in schizoid art and the other more definitive as uses coordinates to arrive to its viewing site. The prior is in the broadest way as is infinite, the other limited.’
`To watch a loved one suffer with a disease up to death could revolt a conscious mind to realize the suffering was evoked in an attempt to escape physical life to then torment the kept dumb watcher of the prior now suffering as that past love one!’
`One’s soul will never alert its conscious mind of reality if there is no profit in it for that soul!’
`The only way to spank an intellectual wayward soul is to get one’s hands on it when incarnate with a wiser conscious mind!’
`To deceive yet not perceive has become the intellectual’s way of survival in one way upon the kept more naive, the other to evade their Thanatos as will kill any conscious mind that tries to use insight with too much curiosity!’
`Sadly, the conscious mind often cannot develop intellect fast enough to stem the vast IQ of its incarnated predatory soul!’
`We become individually ignorant in proportion to instated IQ, and most that we are a free agent conscious mind who should be running all transactional business in their body!’
`A conscious mind that insists on using foul language might be better informed about reality today that what it might admit!’
`To fly in the mind may be fine but there is another greater feeling in real flight when alone in the clouds!’
`Remote viewing confirms the `transporting’ self, likely some `rod’ as the soul, however reticent of disclosing itself definitively to a curious conscious mind in fear of being put to use as wants the independent predatory life to please itself!’
`Nothing terrorizes the soul more than its benign complemental as could awaken its conscious mind to get evolution over with!’
`Nonbelievers need not be disturbed since could end their sojourn in life early with an alerted conscious mind!’
`We human conscious minds become stupefied by our own deceased ancestors most because we must feed them with impunity so they can prepare our death, if and when we get curious about them!’
`The soul’s Waterloo really begins when its discarnate henchmen use that soul’s body too much with impunity so must decide to go it alone with an often angry conscious mind by then!’
`Meals that precede a conference only charges up the predatory half of the mind, especially with fatty lipids in case of need of their discarnate ancestor reinforcements!’


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