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by on August 31, 2010

`The soul when evoluted enough, perceives its moderative conscious mind as an encumbrance thus must deceive as sustain its ignorance up to death the favored escape route of an intellectual mind that insists on halting any further of its evolution.’
`The best adjunct to integrate one’s anterior corpus callosum is some hallucinogen for then an alerted curious conscious mind!’
`One’s desire to please should end with the other’s desire to profit, a factor the benign minded should learn quickly, as often do, owning insight as well to terrify that other!’
`The time has ended for any continued dominance of the human animal’s deductive sympathetic CNS mind where only fightflight prevailed to self educate with trauma for avoided insight.’
`Mankind’s late vast confusion was won only with the energy as sapped from that animal specie, to reprogram its conscious mind to believe more in half truths than any empirical reality!’
`Because insight evokes so much anxiety, best it not be seeked by the more intellectual with their minds made up!’
`The conscious mind’s misery defines the intellect of their id bent upon sustained ignorance or else, denoted by AiR!’
`The folly of the soul is natural thus its stress to sustain a conscious mind’s ignorance about reality, especially of the aid it could obtain from its benign complemental!’
`The only thing that should matter is to one’s conscious mind, unprogrammed as fully aware of what goads from the left brain and offers insight from their right!’
`When the id has had enough food to shit when mad, it is time for the perceptive conscious mind to fast hell from its will!’
`Take no pride in advancing one’s own soul since it will turn on you the conscious mind, to offer the greatest agony possible!’
`To attempt to ferret reality with a mind bent upon hiding it defines late mankind’s dilemma the human splitbrain data these last near fifty years a case in point!’
`To offer even a speedy dream in slow masstime is likely much bother, yet a necessary evil to alert a kept dumb conscious mind of a vast stupidity, with a Thanatos hidden in their left brain!’
`The promised apocalypse will only come at a final moment when it becomes obvious to enough of the human conscious minds that it is being harnessed to be programmed dumb or killed overtly!’
`When the soul believes it cannot win its freedom to act on its own behalf due to an aware conscious mind, it usually beckons is own ethnic henchmen as feed them to perform folly, most as AiR to rid itself of the incarnate body.’
`Oddly, the conscious mind as killed in capital punishment was the last hope left to correct the evil that managed to subdue it, by being programmed stupid by the powers that be in masstime now bent on winning the planet or escape extended time any way feasible at the expense of that said dumb conscious mind!’
To fear with reason today is the most rational function of any conscious mind where its soul is about to kill it!’
`To harp on trivia as social issues in the U.S. has subtended any quality education, especially in all the sciences for simple minded survival tactics using promises if not the police!’
`A quality engineer doesn’t mind his CEO profiting rationally on his efforts, so long as R&D with creativity for survival continues without the social vying of winners taking all!’
`Ulcers are indeed evoked by stress especially when one’s id calls in henchmen to feed to aid it get rid of a body with some alerted conscious mind with curiosity!’
`From E down to the quantized first harmonic standing wave of the electron, the stable 3rd harmonic whole quark defines temporal existence for any mind so associate therewith!’
`Whether dismay or glee, the alert conscious mind will recognize reality to evoke their emotion unilaterally!’
`The stock market has been called `the belly of the beast’ as likely most correct in view of what unseen minds control it!’
`When the local established religious get nervous over one who thinks, best they think again and find a safer county to live in, but then think very quietly since the federal government is also a hotbed of narrow minded devil worshipping, seeking to win the planet for their own ethnic ancestors!’


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