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by on August 31, 2010

`Children that show anxiety when hearing `Night on Bald Mountain’ show their right brain is heard by their conscious mind!’
`It is the duty of a father figure to teach whatever a child seeks to learn, at least the mechanics of how to find any answer within their own right brain using mind!’
`Sadly, the conscious mind also owns slow time like its soul, so must contend with its censoring to remain stupid for life!’
`Glueballs were created by `glueball minds’ in need of saving some erred idea about reality where only magnetism prevails!’
`The Lord helps those conscious minds who try to help its ugly soul despite its unworthiness for continued life, but to wrap up its evolution once and for all in this very late epoch.’
`When magnetism is all there is, disturbance evokes a secondary reality called masstime where quantized standing EM waves to define a slow reality for the evolutional objective of as for another mind always locked into a temporal state if to exist!’
`The Lord is a magnetic field so the only hope to know that is with mind alone yet never with one’s evoluting soul, because it fears reality with a passion, once it begins to understand!’
`To get online now is stupid because it burns time, if not programs further the user’s mind to follow orders willfully!’
`Sad, but the conscious mind has the least opportunity to life a good lifetime now where its revolting soul is trying to evade what it has found its destiny!’
`The human conscious mind must make itself into a zombie where the soul believes it is asleep if not dead! It is not an apolar unconscious mental matrix then but amenable to conscious control as with the free use of uncensored curiosity still with insight!’
`If the insightive would write their musings down for a later consideration, a pattern would emerge defining another mind well aware of what to learn next for their coherent image of reality.’ `Maxwell’s persistent question of who would guide him kept his conscious mind open to his right brain’s offered insights.’
`The soul survives by killing, just as its killer T cells when rampant with AiR to kill oneself with an alerted conscious mind!’
`Oddly, persistent trouble is the id’s way of avoiding a curious conscious mind bent on comprehending that foisted agony!’
`A `smashed’ mind only defines what got `busted’ when using an adjunct to block 5HT or see through the veil hiding reality.’
`Mankind’s relief from goaded predation cannot and it will not end until it consciously realizes that its reductive historical mind must be returned to its initial state of infinite time.’
`The obese comfortable now will soon certainly not be after death since will need other obese to feed them and will vanish on earth when mankind’s conscious mind awakens!’
`Zombies are little less than human albeit own other souls who know they do not belong there and a well conditioned conscious mind lacking any single L.T. memory to act on its own!’
`Thermodynamics is confusing because of subjective censoring where the intellectual half of the mind’s derivation seeks to remain hidden from the conscious mind for as long as possible!’
`To fear one’s dreams is logical when intellect dictates one’s emotional feelings yet is the signal for the conscious mind to actively seek dreams as learn their language before too late!’
`To kill or be killed is the only signal now from the intellectual’s left brain, especially now with the mounting empirical data defining man’s two lateral brain/mind halves!’
`When the predatory faculty in the human animal most censors its conscious mind yet naive of such reality it so becomes most efficient when past evolved IQ as most of today’s humanity for that final lessons to erase cunning for benign behavior.’
`Difficult is it for a kept dumb conscious mind to find, much less switch unconscious allegiance to aid in Nature’s design and venture to complete evolution of their soul bent on folly!’
`The real question is who is worth `saving’, especially for what when ancestor worship to feed them is all that can be perceived by the human conscious mind devoid of inspiration!’
`The greatest taboo for the incarnate’s conscious mind is the vast difference between it and its predatory soul seething to win something, or kill their body to try again at some later time!’
`To offer one’s life for some honorable mention is stupid, at least for some programmed yet naive conscious mind!’
`To consciously suspect today what drives their mind would scare hell out of both of them, so why it is so dangerous at this very late evolutional hour!’
`Exclusive property rights is the sole objective of the soul, believing its survival is at stake, the same syndrome that started long before Genhis Khan and will continue as goads that individualized mind to mentally evolute up to its storage.’
`Faith is only needed by the conscious mind, especially now as the faith of its soul dwindles to evoke the worst of all its well learned predatory behaviors!’


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