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by on August 31, 2010

`The political minded understand percentages, while who fully governs them unseen understand the odds if not controlling them!’ `To comprehend who are not programming the human mind while remaining unseen would scare man’s conscious mind, thus the act remains a secret, especially by, as for, all political leaders!’
`The criminal minded fully understand consequences, thus make sure they legislate the laws for all others, if at all possible!’
`The most dangerous conspiracy is one where the governing fail to perceive much less comprehend what drives their mind unseen!’
`It will be the revulsion of the human conscious mind to act in retributive gusto when finally perceiving its moderative need in the late evoluted human animal!’
`To keep one’s gut free of hungry ancestors has become a fulltime business for late mankind’s conscious mind!’
`What is now called coherent light `entanglement’ is merely to confuse the dumb human temporal mind where a photon know ahead of time, just as the electron’s use to evoke a gamma photon.’
`If infinite time is known to be one’s fruits, there should be expected the soul’s behavior today to raise hell as long as possible for a yet naive conscious mind that should have governed!’
`The self reliant seldom mind living near their own kind knowing momentary aid can always be expected. Trust stems from a like kind of life, never found in the metropolis!’
`We all have some AiR but in proportion to intellect so then is most dangerous with a curious conscious mind!’
`The considered need of overt suicide will soon disturb many with high IQ as recognize reality is too close to be seen, as too little time to keep it censored from their conscious mind!’
`Volitionally out of mind means out of one’s gut today, this is assuming one has insight or dreams of the past known!’
`The soul’s incarnation is tolerated for the energy it can get with a directly feeding body, yet is intolerant to any further evolutional lessons as might alert its moderative conscious mind, to take life’s governance into its own hands!’
`The incarnate soul’s constant faster mental processing, even if needs to share it with its energy giving other EEG half cycle, can be seen as a quality sojourn if the conscious mind can be so blocked from considering reality!’
`Entropy is the soul’s nemesis and learns it just in time to try to evade any conscious mind’s curiosity to learn the same for its demand to govern life’s objectives, so AiR begins then with a vengeance if not some `accident’ if little time is perceived!’
`Uncanny how well the human mind was held naive for so long as the Clovis show more wisdom than we by using UFOs!’
`The `rods’ show vast acceleration even if with a small mass, as two minds focused on some like potent act, well demonstrated around the less neurotic. Pyramids as Easter Isle monument placement make sense for `attention’ focusing needs as never said!’
`All bidding to win a profit is first done in the unconscious, the conscious mind of man merely a nuisance factor to evoke the bids which must first profit the unseen in that unconscious!’
`To lock onto each other’s mind via the eyes as two fighting roosters, can be the best method to convey insight when something new is being expressed cogently. It is the only genuine means to teach yet requires curiosity in the more naive!’
`Carl Jung’s `synchronicity’ explains the insightive’s ability to note imports out of sync with daily routines. It is that spark of genius that only the Self thinking interface will define in relative time yet with a mind seeing potentials ahead of time!’
`When suicide cannot be accomplished fast enough, then both the conscious mind as deathwish driving id suffer most!’
`The nontemporal spirit knows precisely when to drop nuances into the minds of the insightive to best catch their attention to a then passing valuable import. While called a fluke of mind by others, best they remain naive as is very dangerous for them!’
`The greatest gratitude by an awakened conscious mind comes as it realizes it has a profound defense with Chi, willed to any defensive act in the psychic world!’
`Likely only the Mongolian woman has a like psychological mind use as the male where she uses also her anteriocorpus callosum!’
`God likely fractionates Itself for what uses the right brain, maybe better called out our personal Lord. This subtended mind as knows all as even potentials may offer the NDE to enhance a curious conscious mind the impetus to evolute it soul most rapidly.’
`Once a conscious mind learns it can survive much better without its goading predatory id, chaos begins as AiR, yet Chi can be the difference when used to drive out that id for good!’
`When mental evolution is Nature’s goal in slow masstime it defines also why what evolutes with jealousy demands anonymity at all cost from a potentially awakened conscious mind!’
`Fear can block pigmentation, especially when a conscious mind begins to recognize reality and its sympathetic CNS gives up!’
`It should be the conscious mind of man that needs to fear now most while kept in a programmed state of mind. That very fact alone to most terrorize him!’


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