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by on August 31, 2010

`To be more aware is to frighten others as were programmed away from their use of insight so a peace of mind over the new.’
`Every orifice in the body offers the incursion of vampiristic minded, especially most any like mtDNA hungry visitor who will do believed favors for the soul therein. This factor alone needs the most conscious attention today!’
`What comes to mind seldom is of value unless preceded by some vision which can lead the most appropriate way for such insight user, if not life’s answers then some creative joy.’
`Great caution is needed to discern correct answers as offered by insightive nuance, since one’s censoring id stands by to block any import of value to a curious conscious mind should it access that visual way of knowing things!’
`An animal kills with impunity when starving, just as the fear of the least able minded today with won power and authority most intolerant of being discovered especially while governing!’
`Twisted conjecture of plausible field of study comes from the need of tenure not revelation, never understood consciously since that is the mind most fooled for an unconscious objective to best flaunt Nature’s will to discover reality by mankind.’
`Ignorance is both good and bad, yet the worst when those who govern fail to comprehend what rules their twisted mind to most ensure the governed will never awaken either!’
`Why should trinkets means so much to women with neglect of their future beyond their next parading effort unless some mind controls them for the moment’s profit, never the future beyond to be prolific to rely upon when deceased, their whole unsaid goal?’
`One cannot now conjecture on any ethical question in any rational way with their deceased governing their reductive mind, so why bother consciously to consider any factor until knowing the self that does their thinking for them?’
`A young conscious mind cannot hope to no be programmed a fool at least up to its age of `reason’, where it becomes a graduated fool for social programs of folly thereafter!’
`When the soul cannot avoid its innate depraved behavior it so becomes incumbent upon the conscious mind to defend itself, whatever the cost to whom or whatever!’
`It takes time to evolve a quality mind but then takes more time to evade its neurotic rejections of the obvious when it finally learns about its destiny in relative temporal reality!’
`The net operation of the digital computer is not much different than the human mind as has a mode of input, memory with processing yet an overriding discretionary conscious mind operating the system as should be done in the human mental matrix!’
`The cross academic minded best not reveal, for where those in power as need to define reality to know when to evoke Armageddon for those who govern their minds unseen.’
`A woman’s mind as her political sycophants want to win today and make hell of tomorrow to then win whatever may be left!’
`Drollery once used was fine for the slow thinkers but now has become hectic chaos to keep the intellectual mind shunted from reality as could alert the kept dumb conscious mind in man!’
`From the finite to the infinite, intellectual should allow for better reasoning to understand until that faculty has reasons to sustain a stupid conscious mind up to its bitter end!’
`As Freud noted, hidden folly as exposed dreams can become the most difficult to get at in the mind of an intellectual especially if female where little anteriocorpus callosum exists!’
`Blunders are yet rampant even now when the more intellectual discarnate so well controls the human mind!’
`When memory becomes retroreflective if becomes a mind, developing at first as a primary conscious entity but becomes a subconscious to another moderative conscious mind need to attentuate overt predatory behavior accrues over initial intellectual evolution such as with mankind today!’
`There can be no `awakening’ as an apocalypse without a conscious mind since all other minds in man already know reality!’
`We conscious minds should not be eager to aid the spirit as She knows well ahead of time what She is doing!’
`The wealthy must continue to work for the unseen, who offered their great profits found at their doorstep because it was not for nothing, as their kept dumb conscious mind was told!’
`Self control is only a cliche where the self now controls the conscious mind for only folly!’
`An angered soul with a curious conscious mind is dangerous to all around because asked questions evoke another’s terror also!’
`Evidence is never enough for the skeptic or programmed, whose mind was made up with mental `venture capital’ by academia.’
`The real question now is it worth the Lord’s effort to keep a person’s body in health when its soul perverts everything it can, especially its on body when its conscious mind gets curious?’
`Stem cells will be found to be of no greater aid than what sympathetic CNS control has, especially with AiR in its mind!’
`When two meet in my name yet for folly explains how Chi helps a bothered conscious mind with rapid relief because Chi stems from the I Am who then is also there!’
`A soul in time will give up its folly if trapped by an alerted conscious mind as thwarted all folly with Chi in time!’
`Does one’s id hold off stomach parasystole for visitors, when an alerted conscious mind takes some MSM for twinges?’
`If ulcers are not evoked by ancestors directly then illness of most any kind gets self promoted by a curious conscious mind!’
`Deviant behavior most occurs in one’s right pon’s brainstem for the consumption of the midbrain (RAS) conscious mind!’
`Since the sympathetic brainstem faculty has the greatest of all reasons to keep its conscious mind stupid, little wonder now exists as to the NMR noted evoked folly of the left human brain!’
`As long as one’s own desperate soul buys time and aid to subdue its alerted conscious mind, they can expect to be driven to eat, as fats with ATP is worth gold to the discarnates who aid!’
`To busy oneself learning Chi if not too late now is the most prudent act possible by an alerted conscious mind while remaining aloof from others, especially discarnate visitors on whom the use of Chi will most depend!’
`The smart soul keeps a few of its discarnate henchmen around, especially when its conscious mind gets alerted and begins to use Chi to push it into hell for recognized folly.’
`What drives the conscious mind for social games is to avoid its final evolution without giving a damn for ethics unless for its own greedy ethnic clan. Death in most invited when survival can be expected from other of their own incarnate kind.’


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