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by on August 31, 2010

`Do cattle think slowly thus get involved with equals, called hungry UFOs in the middle of the night as humans now trained to get into line, doing some mindless ritual?’
`Does one’s soul offer a discarnate henchman the license to suck on their body’s left side, if some energy is returned when thrown out by its wary conscious mind?’
`The hazard of a soul’s asking for aid from some more evoluted discarnate one is that it can take over as with MPD and evoke far more trouble than wanted to dissuade a curious conscious mind!’
`It is the discarnate ethnic gang lurking behind one elegant one that makes so much trouble now as an incarnate whose unseen mtDNA followers have more clout than his conscious mind, a factor defining most in political power today!’
`The apocalypse of discovering who rules the human mind cannot help but be traumatic where death best covers an ugly reality!’
`We cannot set our own self free without getting rid of what governs our kept dumb conscious mind, the hallucinogen may be the best of all therapeutics when some wiser `guru’ can explain.’
`To become appalled at the behavior of authority should be to evoke curiosity rather than revulsion today where little time now remains to get one’s conscious mind up an running for the pending millennium or perish with the rest!’ `Unusual hit and miss weather fronts define more what is guiding them who have some vengeance in mind!’
`There is only one true paranoid schizophrenia, where an evolved soul recognizes its conscious mind is watching insight and is close to perceiving the reality it most fears just as the Psychiatric doctor who commits suicide from watching that schizoid!’
`CAD programs only allows its user to make what was programmed just as a programmed human mind, graduating from an academic system today. Thus the engineer knows only what is legal and so asks no further questions about reality thereafter anymore.’
`To waste one’s conscious life learning rituals is the goal of their left brain user hoping to use its kept dumb conscious mind, for the license to feed unseen ancestors for a profit!’
`Lameness can come most from one’s irascible id sensing its conscious mind is about to embark on some insightive venture!’
`Yawning at 4am can be a good sign since the id is having some trouble hanging around while its conscious mind thinks. Yawning can be a poor sign also, as defines the id gave too much fat away for unseen favors in the earlier part of the night!’
`Inspiration comes from two opposite complemental ways, either of one’s two brain halves the visual of the truly new or of the past in temporal verbal ways, to reach our conscious mind!’
`That which evolves from extended time needs pain to inform it of wrong choices in life, especially folly done for an unearned profit. Sadly the naive conscious mind must suffer that pain as well until it learns from what evokes it, even be destroyed if it gets too close to the truth to stop it!’
`Evolution is responsible for the development of anything, the mind being the most important. Thus the more developed a discarnate mind, the more its finesse to govern mankind for folly!’
`Amusing may be to God to watch Its created minds develop, yet not quite so amusing to a kept dumb conscious mind attempting to comprehend God’s complex designs down here in slow time!’
`We think we are wise only because we are too stupid to consciously perceive how much further we must develop into some truly rational mind where potentials get integrated with history!’
`As with antigravity, man’s complemental spacetime minds are also affected as biased at right angles!’
`Fortunately the only hell the conscious mind gets is up here in masstime which is temporary not for it’s soul which promulgated the folly trying desperately to buy time up here!’
`About the only thing man’s conscious mind can depend upon now is from their id to offer agony!’
`The game of `win’ has never left the human mind because it was too well instilled in the first DNA to evoke evolution!’
`The insightive thus aware are most hated by women yet attracted for their ability to win favors for survival. Their hate only stems from their mtDNA following discarnate ancestors knowing of the liability of an alerted conscious mind by that insightive!’
`Anyone who can create babies in masstime reality with only their mind should be exceedingly honored, maybe most as evades a woman’s beguile!’
`The greatest waste of any mind is conditioned labor, Charley Chaplin’s display most adroit for today’s corn hoeing to feed the leaders, feeding their own ancestral depraved winners of IQ!’
`What indeed is so dangerous in the mind as asking why?’
`The rarefied magnetic field following the cosmic EMP bubble may offer quantized standing wave matter more peace for minds to evolve therein sans veridical Higgs `particles’!’
`Do the Zen gardens of uniformity soothe the soul as linearly oriented, to follow some circuitous furrow indefinitely? It would surely explain the `onetrack minded’, now seen most in women!’
`How can ethical children be raised by facade oriented mothers who learn so few quality means for survival with their mtDNA deceased governing their mind?’
`The Western woman has little mind of her own because of the potency of her unseen discarnate mtDNA users!’
`To eat rationally offers rational behavior, yet few know why fats and sugars are so craved as even claim to feel better with a well kept dumb conscious mind.’
`Enteric bacteria in the colon could spell trouble if and when the id turns with vengeance against an awakening conscious mind!’
`Any chronic disease reflects an irascible id bent on sustaining a whimpering naive conscious mind focused on physical agony, but to hide a greater agony facing that id if that conscious mind should indeed awaken to the genesis of its malaise!’
`However stressful for the conscious mind to awaken, it should yet be thankful when learning rapidly how to put its soul into hell as the dogma’s adroit remark: “Do not resent it when God chastens and corrects you.”, since seeks your ease in life most!’
`Between the ether and mind there is nothing else!’
`Will we yet dumb conscious minds be able to harness our wayward souls into extended time to then use only what is rationally needed from that L.T. memory faculty!’
`The one Monopole that accelerated on neat 600Bly intervals its own magnetic self but as dynamic EMPs to evoke quasars for time accruing standing waves (called matter) at quasar points, is the parametric reference which man avoids with his mind’s derivation in extended time, thus misses reality purposely now!’
`The warmer the mind the faster the thought, which defines the happiness of the soul when possessing a body!’
`There are two minds in all living specie, even a third, after one of the former evolutes enough to require rational moderation, with a midbrain around the evolutional era of the chicken.’
`While it is sad to meet one’s soul face to face with overt confrontational behaviors, it does awaken the past kept dumb conscious mind abruptly so never forgets, the key to winning a place to moderate behaviors for the net good of completed evolution!’
`While less happy to no longer dominate an awakened conscious mind, the soul can see it is better than where all of its ancestor henchmen will soon be as no longer a viable aid in worldly elevated time!’
`Slow masstime may offer a better place to learn one thing at a time yet man becomes too well inured there with infinite time derived ancestors clamoring for his attention, yet secretly to avoid any curious conscious mind’s attention!’
`As long as ATP with fatty lipids get created, a body is useful to discarnates thus caution is needed in judging for whose net profit does euthanasia offer a suffering conscious mind?’
`The soul finally must life vicariously through the more naive of its own discarnate kind when once understood by a conscious mind that throws it out every chance it gets! The trouble doesn’t stop there as that henchman is guided to the body’s left side!’
`How can we conscious minds expect established authority behave while running point to win the planet for promising unseen ancestors who watch carefully for chance opportunities?’
`The conscious mind must condemn its soul to hell just for the hell of it to remind it of who’s boss as will always flaunt!’


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