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by on August 31, 2010

`If a soul is torn to pieces tied to a rock, it is by its own mtDNA kin for aiding and abetting a wiser conscious mind!’
`To drop from sight yet not from mind is a sign of yet living fools who remain under their mtDNA ancestor’s control!’
`Only with IR `carrier’ for subliminal message communication will the noninvited become privy to another’s mind as their own mtDNA discarnate relation!’
`To accomplish something rational today is the most difficult business ever for a conscious mind, because its soul has evoluted too far intellectually!’
`Normally a rather dumb soul can keep censored a naive conscious mind yet will seek henchmen of higher IQ to further aid in suppressing that curious incarnate, a state now showing where a frantic need to dumb down humanity of lose control as energy.’
`The soul beats itself over the head with chronic illness as was `contracted’ to keep preoccupied its conscious mind when coming close to looking at reality.’
`To replicate a biological molecule requires a freed electron, governed by a mind that knows ahead of time what is correct for the operation of such ensuing molecule.’
`The least interested in politics now will have another form of it as the Self thinking interface begins to define all other’s political thinking with another in mind to profit from!’
`The Self thinking interface was seen between relative time, a function noted when the EPR experiments were consistently positive defining some mind ahead of our slow temporal state.’
`Speed of response to evict the wary bothersome can make more affective a conscious mind’s act since reorientation of the slow minded to avoid something does take time.’
`Freud was the most spookiest psychoresearcher until another came along to integrate physics to define clearly the two unconscious worse, the sad state of the moderative conscious mind!’
`The point of no return comes when the conscious mind learns to suppress overtly its predatory soul, thus defend itself from that irascible `self’ evoking AiR if not overt suicide as now seen in APA (Psychiatric) professionals.’
`Dreams are to circumvent censoring to offer imports to a conscious mind with some insight attention yet.’
`At best, most Chi defense buys quality time for the conscious mind to examine reality, a staying means to buy time to reason!’
`The happy transition from overt AiR to chronic health only occurs when an alerted conscious mind learns how to use Chi with effective gusto, especially with some damning curse to alert the Christ self of a sever need!’
`About all the aware conscious mind can do is hope its use of Chi lasts at least until it can escape life with death!’
`Hell learned on earth brings the conscious mind that lesson to appreciate death more, yet needs to be patient since must also help teach its irascible soul some ugly lessons as well!’
`Sit quietly when in jail as authority seeks to intimidate often with impunity to ensure you remain peaceful to the police who know revenge remains paramount on your mind if not guilty of whatever charged. While ethnic antipathy underlies most who use force today, it stems from a very long time ago and will not be ameliorated between one or two incarnates now!’
`Infinite time is the only hell the soul can experience yet a conscious human mind experiences nearly as much hell with that soul trying to mentally evolute it!’
`What comes to the mind of the insight user is often profound, even if they seldom understand it at first. At least the Clovis understood this so tried to `write it down’ on their cave walls!’
`When a sleep walker goes wading with alligators it shows what guides their mind, seeking attention as any woman with paint!’
`Dreams come in two amplitudes. Subtle for the soul, yet loud for the conscious mind, in hopes of soliciting its aid!’
`Insights are useless unless planted in the soil of the mind of the curious which only get that way with a father figure!’
`For the suicidal soul, man’s conscious mind needs to aid it with Chi, by driving it down into hell to preserve it as to get mankind’s greater incarnate peace!’
`The conscious mind must be taught early in life that it will suffer most by not learning how to give dynamic hell to its hell bound soul, thus win a more peaceful life learning about Nature!’
`Once a human conscious mind learns enough about Nature to so follower Her offered insights, both that conscious mind with soul exponentially grasp Nature’s intent to be worthy of a full life often some father figure, but seldom in any Western country now.’


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