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by on August 31, 2010

`Jigs and fixtures don’t exist in the common school curriculum since all there get programmed to manipulate others if able. The sophisticated schools then teach the elite how to remain so while culling their able minded to do the grunt work for that society.’
`But where else could the military minded be hired than to defend the weak minded others told how to vote!’
`At first the inventive child gets shunned if not scolded for being creative in school, then ostracized by its programmed mundane of mind, especially by authority, later shunned in return!’
`The frantic exist in the unconscious realms, well hidden by those who use their advice to win whatever knowing in time the human animal’s conscious mind will awaken to evoke a rebellion.’
`The overweight need to carefully consider past nightmares as could well define hungry ancestors who could become overt in some ugly behaviors, if that former subject’s conscious mind awakens!’
`Words define little as merely codify in fragments something held in the historical mind. While fundamental reality is shown with insight in visual context what basic reality appears like, a verbal worded equivalent fails to define, especially with any accuracy when reality is to be kept hidden from a conscious mind.’
`Mind is indeed complex, at least from the perspective of slow time where insight is too fast for most to follow or comprehend.’
`When spelling goes awry one can bet their speller is doing it to ensure a confused conscious mind as buy time when too adroit!’
`The busy mind often fails to tire when using insight to find reality which offers Itself with the energy to keep on acting!’
`The creative mind only gets tired at junctures of changes in perspective where sleep best then integrates the whole, as did Kekula come to consciously realize!’
`The conscious mind only needs to become privy of hidden folly when it is to be called upon to moderate with some volition. This in turn defines the work of some quality shrink!’
`To begin to feel tired is a sign that one’s id wishes to decouple from its conscious mind then too active for comfort!’
`Once a conscious mind has broken its soul’s code of silence, dreams need not be so essential for conscious perusal.’
`Avoid the digital minded now since have no idea of which way they are going in definitive space, as guided by those unseen who do indeed know what they must do to survive!’
`While intellect is essential for verbal recall, the conscious mind needs great vigilance to halt confabulation, the grand art of politicians and the claimed scientific today.
`Any living body in slow masstime is but a stable platform from which a mind may ponder its reality with rational progress.’
`Hell was devised to scare the dumb incarnates, since it was a reality the soul knew it had to face all the sooner if its incarnate conscious mind caught on to the fact, called an apocalypse!’
`The Creator offered we conscious minds life to do a favor of moderating our irascible soul, to define a promised apocalypse!’
`Tragedy in mankind’s norm, but only because it is purposeful to dissuade any conscious attention into reality by a far more evolved mind of its soul for which masstime was offered!’
`Sex is likely the only great pleasure of the conscious mind as all else its misery when its soul returns after orgasm!’
`Since a greater doom awaits the soul to permit its conscious mind to awaken, suicide must be prepared for to escape life which becomes too precarious with that governing conscious mind!’
`The final race for evolution of the soul is by staying ahead of its curious conscious mind, who could put that soul into hell if it found no help available. This defines late mankind’s great problem, especially when authority dumbs down its masses!’
`The more ancient cultures appearing backward to the modern intellectual who fails to comprehend the devout to ritual, fail themselves to define a stupid conscious mind hooked on ritual!’
`One cannot judge what is cruelty until they comprehend all unconscious motives, especially which teaches most the human conscious mind about reality versus which avoids it at all cost!’
`To procreate, Nature is for but to continue to feed the defunct of mind She is unhappy if no further evolution is gained!’
`While almost facetious, a conscious mind that wants to help Nature fails fully to comprehend the power and speed of Nature if She decides to act, when as where for whatever!’
`It may be our conscious mind’s fault to not use curiosity but may be due to a lack of quality father figure early in life!’ `Today, the least stable of mind commit suicide, thus would be APA professionals fit this nomenclature for best for analysis!’
`When one’s right brain continues to offer insights via REM dream to a curious conscious mind, unblocked by their left brain half, little doubt exists that the Self thinking interface will also offer advice to these people.’
`It is the extent of the soul’s agony that dictates its conscious mind’s inversely!’
`The D.T. is not bad they are the portals of an awakening if the conscious mind could only catch on!’
`The well programmed masses bring their own demise the fastest when the military minded govern with their eyes on the planet!’
`Smooth operators reflect the unseen now governing their minds from extended time!’


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