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by on August 31, 2010

`The naive conscious mind needs to ask for hell in order to so awaken from another hell in programmed stupid behavior!’
`For a soul that insist we conscious minds must also by rubbing its nose into hell to be sure that soul understands!’
`To not hear subjectively at least the vowel part of a forgotten proper noun is a warning to not bother beyond using a simile, to convey the person in mind. The walls have ears and best it is to not alert some the right brain refuses to recall!’
`Chicken shit may be profitable on the farm’s crops but not as used by the least able minded seeking to get attention!’
`The panic of the id watching a dream, then called REM, shows more its want to hide same from an alerted conscious mind, to use its inhibiting 5HT to hide what might be dangerous to it!’
`To damn what hides in one’s own mind can uncover it, to so be far better understood consciously!’
`Discarnates do not mind bad names for them, as long as we incarnates do not curse them to fall into static time!’
`The greatest crime today is the lack of curiosity to comprehend what goads the criminally minded most governing the rest!’
`Feel sorry for the peddling greedy most because their conscious mind remains too well programmed dumb to know better, especially when in authorized politics!’
`Does a persistently thwarted discarnate finally get the message that peace in hell is better than struggling in chaos with a conscious mind that will never give up as cannot be killed?’
`The ethical minded now remain silent since use innate insight instead of question overtly the covert psychopathic in power.’
`Any hairdo that appears too neat to be natural is governed by an unnatural mind attempting to hide that fact!’
`Any `coming of age’ or `age of reason’ defines the corrupted mind ready to try to win the planet today!’
`The `cool minded’ might best reflect the neurotic, where that which stems from the cold, refuses a conscious mind’s awareness!’
`To not want applause shows a conscious mind aware of a devil within his psychic complex that could be energized thereby!’
`Nature knows how much agony is needed to sway corrupted opinions, yet patience is needed to teach one’s time oriented mind!’
`To handle digits well in relative time defines a good IQ, yet a deficit that could spell disaster should their conscious mind attempt to comprehend that left cerebral dominance.’


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