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by on August 31, 2010

`With so many unable to offer a service worth survival in the U.S. today to corrupt a once vibrant society defines as well the need of what few able minded need to be regimented to hoe corn while those former go to the Riviera to count their bullion!’
`It is always up to the conscious mind to fight for the better half since It only offers love or vacates a hostile setting.’
`The simple minded want all others as simple as they, thus the stress in modern academia to make automatons of all graduates especially for the elite who need profit from trivia!’
`The is little time for one’s mind to be a devil’s workshop if their hands are busy with some survival act!’
`To avoid pitfalls in life as some hidden glitch in some computer program is the business of a conscious mind especially as most glitches, as overeating are in their own soul’s program!’
`Threats never work on one’s own id because it is always aware of its conscious mind’s sincerity, to say little of an id’s ability to dissuade some momentary thought when it is well fed!’
`An ugly determined id is the greatest threat to any conscious mind’s wellbeing, thus we find only sympathomimitics on today’s markets for food as psychotherapeutic adjuncts in medicine!’
`The “I believe” factor never defines who much less where a promulgated belief comes, so long as a conscious mind is dumb!’
`At times ethnic cleansing becomes rather obvious as when it occurs within the ranks of one’s own government claiming all is normal without mentioning who goads their minds!’
`Both kinds of the schizoid mind are displayed in the sciences where the freethinking gambol amongst almost disassociated imports however contingent for a more overt or intellectual way to gamble on entrapping portions of reality, as often fear another.’
`The profile of genius is complex, especially to those unable to integrate abrupt or nontemporal reasoning, especially as fear unconsciously any import which might reflect insight use by their conscious mind as could seek greater comprehension.’
`The Minotaur favors serial thinking in order to best twist a fact that appears as logical as the computer programmer finally to create a monster that a conscious mind cannot escape from!’
`The complex computer programs so little needed by a user, may need to be an `optioned’ item, hidden, even inaccessible to that user, but with `toggled’ need found only with effort in the instructions for use seldomly accessed by the reality minded.’
`One’s reductive mind feels it must be favored by any quality conscious reasoning so becomes one’s greatest burden to any true quality thought thereafter!’
`To know one’s Lord can aid in damning the bothersome is their first conscious step to cleaning up their act to become worthy to that Lord as perceives potentials ahead of time, to act the best way to and for that bothered conscious mind.’
`A democracy could work if all incarnate thus conscious minded voters understood what unseen ancients yet wanted of the yet evoluting stupid human animal!’
`Man’s whole problem lies in its conscious ignorance that it needs to rule all mental acts with volitional care which means it must rule its unconscious reductive mind with a vengeance!’
`The more `schizoid’ type of `freerunning’ mental processing defines their escape from temporal reasoning where intellect only confuses subjective perceptions, to twist reality into something safe for that person’s conscious curious mind!’
`As long as we remain amused in simple mindedness or now programmed with idiocy, we humans are vulnerable to synovia sucking when holding still in front of our TVs!’
`The soul ceases to aid its evolution once understanding the goal of Nature, even defeating thereafter any quality joy if its conscious mind also recognizes reality!’
`The `human connection’ will soon need its conscious mind’s participation or succumb in World War III!’
`The more stupid in authorized power now fail to realize who governs their mind especially knowing wisdom is coming to the masses as with the Self thinking interface, so know they must act for the needed Orwell’s syndrome or lose all they have for good!’
`The spirit may get peeved with the folly of a soul, yet will remain patient until the suffering conscious mind seeks relief.’
`The greatest cost saving device will be the Self thinking interface as will define both the able minded as deadminded today, as too often are in positions of authorized power making work!’
`Serious people upset the frivolous minded who must win survival with promises or guns if not public programmed behavior!’
`The Zen question of what one hand sounds like clapping forces the real question of a magnetic Apriori with an innate mind!’


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