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by on August 31, 2010

`One might wonder if any forgiveness remains after a conscious mind fails to recognize its folly prone id governing its mind?’
`Does greed seethe in the mind of the soul who feigns aid to Nature in hopes of winning a favor like extended dynamic life, or is there truly a quality life awaiting the obedient loving soul?’
`Believed friends as one’s own relatives whose minds leak like a sieve become a vast danger to those who think, when they want a portion of some profit they yet cannot comprehend.’
`To remain aloof from the eager minded today is not stupid. It can save one’s life to remain well behind those running point.’
`If to get pissedoff helps balance one’s mind, it so becomes good only after being consciously fully considered!’
`Since all of masstime is of the Apriori Mind albeit condensed out as standing EM waves for slow time, reason shows there is only one God, at least for this universe if others exist.’
`To care with sincerity about one’s own death to escape what they feel is folly better is it to rethink their time schedule and enjoy the peace of mind they may yet have with music.’
`To control another’s mind one must think faster, as the perceptive schizophrenic thus so feared today by late authority!’
`The most able to learn serial programs define their own time oriented `self’ in dominance so then need to learn who, as what their conscious mind is!’
`To learn serial sequential act to boot some digital computer requires fidelity, something a disruptive id is best at to keep a curious conscious mind from digging to deep as express views on a Net for another’s use.’ `Fasting is easy when insight feeds one’s conscious mind, from the mind that doesn’t drive one to eat!’
`One’s id can be replaced for serial order needs by the conscious mind although requires time and effort to learn as use.’
`All things start out simple, but only up to now did the computer evoke chaos while some still call it “simple” as their own minds, with profits ringing in one ear!’
`Forgiveness may only come to those recluse who turn, with a rational conscious mind, to perusing Nature via his right brain. It so could beg the question then as to what occurs to those who do all feasible to halt such perusal, using a psychotherapeutic?’
`These are the most serious times for all conscious minds of man where its left brain dominance is about to get displaced!’
`The first mind installed into the fetus is the principle of all programs, even if expresses Itself in visual gestalts seen as REM dream but to program a brain for two other minds, one which is held back until some `age of reason’ or near eight years, to allow the conscious one a chance to perceive some reality first!’
`As a public begins to comprehend that laws are made more to protect the corrupt than they, the government presses for a war to get that public’s mind off of reality yet the bloodshed is the real objective as wanted by who governs all governments now!’
`It is the steep slope of learning now that brings mankind’s greatest tragedy, because the obvious is nearly recognize by most human conscious minds, as is intolerable to who governs it now!’
`To suspect we seek in some manmade church became folly, when the Clovis learned how to manipulate the human mind!’
`The greatest lesson a conscious mind can learn is that it is indeed a free agent to so think for itself whatever suggestions or half truths enter its mind from two other’s kept secret!’
`Gravity is as inevitable as its Creator, just as a complemental here in all aspects mind being the last to be understood!’
`The need to learn now to be patient, as stand by for the most traumatic epoch of human evolutional needs appears irrational yet is the most rational act if prepared to sit out the disciplinary period Nature has in mind for the human intellectual neurotics!’
`The use of booze for psychic comfort may continue for life if such user’s conscious mind remains censored that long from a more realistic objective to throw their tormenting fool out with Chi!’


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