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by on August 31, 2010

`Why should the RNA seek to override the DNA unless each define a mind but with opposite net objectives?’
`When a conscious mind feels it no longer needs a predatory id however once of value to recall social things, the ensuing revulsion of that id forces haste thus the turn to its complemental to learn the fastest method of shedding their potent trouble then.’
`Only some Mind, well beyond our slow masstime could possible promote prolife fast enough to keep a living body alive with so many predatory bodies seeking survival today!’
`One’s persistence that comes with curiosity is the adjunct needed for evolution because the intellectual id will as persistently open another `can of worms’ if indeed a conscious mind can hang in there up to its own death!’
`Music with repetitious themes like Bolero, Mozart’s 21st, or Pachabel may pacify the left brain while one’s conscious mind can fly on the harmonious with their right brain if the rendition is done well with subtle modulation changes.’
`The predictive inference of neatly space oriented hand claps for cosmic bubbles defines as the EPR experiments some Mind does know potentials for evoked standing wave matter in slow time!’
`Psychic torment comes when one’s conscious mind thinks well!’
`LSD psychotherapy only works well when a conscious mind has had enough of it’s soul’s ancestors to find a way to push them out long enough to grab the reigns for an ensuing quality life!’
`The corpus callosum likely bootstraps the conscious mind, as even before birth noted with persistent REM dream yet the only as last hope of curbing a late predatory soul with high IQ.’
`TV pablum, however frantic now, is to keep a transfixed conscious mind from thinking about reality as how close it might come to evoking a personal Armageddon!’
`Whether called Alzheimer’s or possession, the loss of L.T. memory may show another L.T. memory mind is then in control.’
`A lingering death may be heaven for a soul but hell for its kept dumb conscious mind!’
`To bleed a bit can bring poignant lessons if curiosity is yet accessible by a conscious mind.’
`One’s soul must be taught, often in harsh ways, that it is in the same `lifeboat’ as its conscious mind or else!’
`The Creator is too sincere to tolerate a lying soul thus uses some conscious mind to vie with it until rational in masstime!’
`To comprehend why long term memory fails to bring reality to a conscious mind, defines best its real objective in its life!’
`Laws to violate the freedom of the able minded in order to profit the mentally defunct force those able minded to reconsider violence as the last means to sustain their freedom!’
`A modified soul stems from an alerted conscious mind, with a chance that all three minds might operate in unison, even if in a harmonious harmonic state in an electromagnetic universe!’
`If the soul gets more hell from its alerted conscious mind it can realize a better life than predation, even if joining its so detested benign complemental for a truly quality life!’
`The severe pragmatist is difficult to live with when the public begs to be titillated as today with simple minded TV.’


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