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by on August 31, 2010

`Scourging comes after folly when all else fails to correct a hellbent soul working for its deceased ancestors who actually hold that incarnate’s reigns, with a kept stupid conscious mind!’
`TV simple mindedness fortunately now only alerts the few who remain with curiosity so think, to make them question the imports offered in the scriptural dogmas.’
`How else could a conscious mind steer throughout life without some psychological `differential’?’
`A well oiled conscious mind operates between two other mental faculty so becomes a differential if it can ever awaken to the fact, to thereafter make smooth turns throughout life.’
`At least the security minded must win the planet in the end to live as long as possible with whatever is left as know little about hoeing corn just eating it!’ `Old men have too much on their minds to play games with some digital computer especially when his grand kids are around!’
`It will be the anger of the human conscious mind that will at last evoke his grand tragedy needed to regain dominance!’
`With the glee of women eyeing the Presidency now, one can bet it is their mtDNA followers with their own final coup in mind!’
`To find anything, the conscious mind must use their right brain. To lose it, the left if only to bury it for posterity!’
`The NDE is not feared by the id if it knows its body is then dying so no conscious mind remains for any timely retribution!’
`A conscious mind’s experience of the NDE often shows its soul did not make the sojourn with it, as too much E is not good for a mc squared faculty because of a potential `meltdown’!’
`Only an aware conscious mind can moderate its soul while yet incarnate so the real danger of a soul comes thereafter!’
`We work our minds and muscles to a frazzle to get health, but fail to learn the only problem of which brain to use!’
`A broken mind as a wild stallion finally turns to his curiosity to become a reasonable animal few humans ever become!’
`To suspect that today’s mad reasoning is somehow humanity’s best, one needs to better suspect what evolves within the human mind to finally revolt with intellectual finesse!’
`The id must envy the digital computer where its speed now is well beyond its comprehension speed. Yet what it fails to most to understand is a nontemporal mind that thinks all at once!’
`How to enslave the more able minded has always been a problem for the greedy until they began to govern the church and academic systems for programmed unquestioning automatons!’
`To refuse to listen or watch Nature earns one’s soul its demise in relative dynamic time, as its kept dumb conscious mind!’
`With a watching conscious mind, denoted often with theta EEGs when their complemental unconscious dialogue, can unravel much of the primitive antagonisms that started with a cosmic bang!’
`Discarnates do most of mankind’s late teaching as little can be learned without some trauma, mounting to the grand eradication to allow another more supple minded human to restart things!’
`Schizophrenia means `split mind’ so the Physic’s CPT theorem needs to be applied to psychology to comprehend the enigma and in some ways lessen APA’s suicide rate!’


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