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by on August 31, 2010

`Those who now rule surreptitiously, must do so if they expect to continue to rule as man’s conscious mind begins to gain the equivalent of IQ to deduce the mounting obvious!’
`While some academic programming may aid one to survive, it is also the worst scenario for the already intellectual who uses the credential to get authority to govern the able minded for a profit especially for those never seen governing those governing!’
`To speculate and gamble has nothing to do with the conscious mind. As Chinko shows, it is the unconscious that controls most any outcome, be it good or bad too often good for it as bad for the person, who goes on blundering in intellectual stupidity!’
`Nightmares are only frightening to one’s id who fears most its conscious mind may comprehend its meaning!’
`Unhappy are those who get faced with reality, who have evaded all possible revelation with a curious conscious mind!’
`Bizarre certainly for any time oriented mind, so entrenched in serial information reading to read gestalts, even if presented in a serial temporal order as REM dream occurs, defines the only hope of genius to decipher reality as offered by reality!’
`No child should be denied the opportunity to investigate what is of momentary interest, most because of their active insightive right brain is goading their left to mentally evolute while their conscious mind is realizing what is fun in the investigation.’
`A quality psychoanalyst never wilfully aids or abets in some client’s accrued psychopathy, realizing the greater difficulty in alerting such subject’s conscious mind for their ultimate escape from their yet unseen unconscious pathological syndrome.’
`To now learn what goads their conscious mind best defines the innate evil that continues to seek a profit through folly!’
`Only the truly prehistoric Mind is worth studying, in the of what existed before there was mass with time for any history!’
`To act mad is not all mad by an id that seeks to avoid one detection while blaming on it on the yet naive conscious mind!’
`All simpleminded people will be discerned with the use of the Self thinking interface to end most governments of today!’
`Life should be a pleasure, but one’s conscious mind needs to lead the way as with an alert father figure willing to turnover the stones to expose reality along the way.’
`What becomes most difficult, even with ample insight is when all discarnates, whatever their ethnic ilk, do all feasible to end the insightive incarnate whose conscious mind is awakening!’
`The gradient of approached hell can aid most those with some wavering mind to manipulate other’s unjustly. Thus the panic now of discarnates needing fatty lipids from the kept naive in church or academia when corn hoers are more important than thinkers.’
`The political minded cannot help but consider the public as chattel, or cattle for fodder when who governs them consider any animal that can feed it as fodder for its unseen survival!’
`Human history defines its mental evolutional progress as designed by Nature to culminate together to the chagrin of the more intellectual political minded of each ethnic group!’
`Sadly, the conscious mind must wrestle with its id to find the facts about Nature, especially when henchmen and ancestors reinforce half truths in all of the sciences and politics!’


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