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by on August 31, 2010

`The naive but just minded with conscience too often offer a quality service to the cunning intellectual with his eyes on the planet and cares not who pays for it, much less how!’
`To be able minded doesn’t mean necessarily of any net value to others, when elegant promises can only earn political power!’
`When others enjoy one’s soul more than they consciously can, then is the time to condemn it to hell by that conscious mind!’
`Believed feeble mindedness can aid one keep their quiet shack up to death to think, so long as they do not get seen doing something that might be taxable!’
`One’s soul will try to destroy its conscious mind’s faith in any higher power, fearful of retribution too early!’
`People start a business with a quality service in mind but soon digress to parade and make promises but that is all, especially in the sciences with their academic programmed ritual!’
`To be driven by one of two unconscious is normal once that one evolutes enough to keep dumb its conscious mind. Ask Freud!’
`Thinking as reasoning is a give and take operation, most between the two brain halves where the conscious mind merely suspects it is participating!’
`One’s right brain user is never fooled, whereas the midbrain conscious mind almost always is especially when the left brain interprets some recent dream to defray any liability to it!’
`To bring naive children into nursing homes to enlighten the feeble minded is a joke when too late to aid either then. Only an animal might revive the half dead to evoke some awareness then.’
`The soul will always say this but do that because its profits are accrued secretly behind the conscious mind’s purview.’
`Always is some chink in the genetic chain used to enter the less defensive subject, especially with an autoimmune war under way, where a curious conscious mind begins to suspect something!’
`Don’t carry on any dialogue today as allows the most diabolical to hold your attention for an even more diabolical purpose as neither know what other minds follow them about!’
`While maybe difficult to find faith in a chaotic place, to understand that chaos is to educate, but by an nontemporal mind of unfathomable energy to act in our favor, despite the appearance of things to promote thought over hedonistic folly!’
`Because the soul protects its own ass instead of defending its own incarnate body, its conscious mind need not wonder at its misery in life especially for failing to use Chi!’
`The soul wants the incarnate body all to itself, to bargain with its fats to get unseen henchmen to act for folly or profit. Thus the vast neurosis about not allowing any conscious mind into the scheme as would halt folly for returned mental evolution!’


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