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by on August 31, 2010

`When time finally gets perceived as a rate between two complemental aspects of Nature, it will evoke man’s final question of two minds which is which as what is the design for?’
`The greater the integrated imports into one’s mind provided no neurosis prevails to block conscious will to retrieve it, the more likely some genius gets exposed, almost as the hallucinating schizophrenic, without yet an organized as integrated memory.’
`The IQ anomaly might show other active minds using up the NEAT’s energy, thus also their greater net neurosis towards anything new like the simple cheap microelectrode to rid cancer nodules 100%!’
`Corruption becomes the norm for survival when insight and so conscience is lost as ingenuity or creativity for self reliance. This factor bodes anxiety in the political minded today!’
`Miracles do not come in physical manifestations, only in the vision, defining reality directly in the mind, called insight!’
`At root, ethnic cleansing is in the minds of all in authority today as know they have little self reliance, so must rely on the programmed dumb to run point in the correct ordered direction!’
`A jerky id is the best means to screw up conscious attention, especially when imports are close to defining something needed by a curious conscious mind, seeking answers to a subjective jerk!’
`It is the displaying we do for attention and followers that is so pathological, especially when any conscious moderating mind is sustained stupid as programmed today by academia!’
`When dreams become overt as in schizophrenia, it shows how well a creative conscious mind has accessed insightive genius.’
`To realize who now governs the minds of government officials as stockmarket trends would change many trends the programmed masses now follow!’
`While we all have a narrow range of curiosity, especially as contingent to survival, its ever broader scope brings into view ever more of reality until the id recognizes the dangers of some alerted conscious mind to ask the correct questions to die with prepared AiR if time permitted.’
`The genesis of sickness or evil is never found in time to act by a curious conscious mind since was well prepared for the event with an early autoimmune response in proportion to innate IQ!’
`The soul so hate the possibility of its conscious mind even acquiring the power to overrule its folly that the overt struggle ensues up to realizing hell will come sooner with no way out if it kills that body as no recourse to escape infinite time.’
`Hectic TV amusement is to more amuse the unseen hungry, who need the stationary obese body with a preoccupied mind today!’
`The programmed human mind is more vulnerable to tweaking for unsaying what should be said like some lawyer, but to evade the obvious which Nature seeks us most to examine.’
`When it is `mind over matter’ it means over the temporal mind which stems from mass within extended time or one’s the soul!’
`We often survive in spite of our active Thanatos trying to so escape a conscious mind’s continued curiosity about life.’
`One can say `good riddance’ often when using Chi, yet the unseen have others standing by with the energy to loan those bolder predatory who don’t mind a plunge into icy hell once in a while!’
`The greatest war ever fought by the individual conscious mind is when it begins to recognize what seeks to rule its mind!’
`Mankind’s problem is to conquer the intellectual idiot that is now trying to conquer his conscious mind these final hours!’
`With all of the expense and falderal of the funeral, it is amazing how stupid the conscious mind remains, yet explainable!’
`When a soul sells chances to the discarnate hungry to suck on its own incarnate body as do chores to win esteem, depravity has hit bottom, especially with a kept stupid conscious mind!’
`To plug one’s soul into hell can make a kind of hell for the dumb conscious mind, even if it can work its way back to sanity!’
`The late human animals’ mind is purposely filled with weird half truths to make sure reality never seeps in. This explains late scientific reasoning more for tenure than anything else!’
`There can be no `care free’ time if the conscious mind knows little of what dominates it within masstime!’
`The narrow temperature range on a planet offers the slow temporal rate for mental evolution thus the opportunity for a faster mind to so manipulate in times of need.’
`The ripe old age of the persistently curious, however primitive the mind defines how well Nature cares for us if we hear Her wants of psychological evolution.’ `If fats but not sugar quell epileptic seizures than it is the id or its unseen henchmen that evoke the trauma to evade what a conscious mind might perceive from their right brain!’
`To think and write is fine provided the thinking begins in one’s right brain with what is truly new to that mind!’
`To be spontaneous of mind is to be classified as a terrorist today, at least to those unable to see any potentials coming!’


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