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by on August 31, 2010

`When hell no longer evokes fear in the soul, it had better so so in the conscious minds all people!’
`The `ground work’ of developed farming and scientific discovery has been mostly completed so now the development of mankind’s conscious mind to know best how to exploit mental processing.’
`How can there be any meeting of minds when all think they can win whatever between them while never saying so?’
`Bipedals are indeed much alike, all but in their innate intellectual ability to grasp new concepts especially when enough IQ is won to keep well censored their dumb conscious mind.’
`To displace one’s bother to go bother another is wrong, but so is it to torture any mind to educate it, only remove it enough to allow it to so torture itself until it can learn that agony can be avoided with grace, as using insightive wisdom.’
`While yet independent, an active soul fears most those as its own conscious mind as might awaken it to reality for its end of dynamic existence to explain late mankind’s enigma!’
`The naive conscious mind can never comprehend its own naivete after its historical id finally gains dominance and so demise!’
`Between `go’ and `nogo’ of the CNS man suffers most now because the latter positive wave rampfront user has evolved far enough to become alert on how to keep dumb its conscious mind, to buy dynamic time as long as feasible even engineer the use of others, kept naive in church to feed them after its body dies!’
`Time is a figment of mental processing thus mind is the only thing as Apriori for anything created as standing waves in time!’
`Teaching systems are designed around believed social needs yet is never suggested by such believers who goads their mind!’
`A sneeze comes at inopportune times seldom recognized by a thoughtful conscious mind that doesn’t think quite deep enough!’
`The greatest lie that man’s conscious mind will ever realize, as create his apocalypse is that his conscious mind remains alone where a huge number of discarnates attend his wants, but seldom in any wanted or quality way!’
`The apocalypse will begin in the Departments of Psychology!’
`In desperation the soul seeks to hold off its final lesson in evolution thus frantically does all feasible to avoid a curious conscious mind that seeks with its insight offering brain!’
`It requires a true genius to use words with insight since it takes an alert conscious mind between these two complemental mental faculty to `read’ out reality, especially when speaking!’
`Ethnic cleansing is but an discarnate’s way of sustaining the need for reincarnation whatever misery comes with it since more feared is a conscious mind’s curiosity, thus its awakening of the entire ruse to begin with!’
`Verbal haggling buys time for the evil minded to act under its subterfuge as law. Insight offers no room to haggle as stems from Reality to offer reality point blank because visual acuity never fails the user whereas words convey mostly half truth now.’
`Fortunately the mundane as silly or profit minded sleep at night which allows curious people like A. Bell to offer the more profound thinking as speakers to inform others with a like curiosity at such innocuous time to evade government attention also.’
`To believe authority knows best, one needs to understand what now guides his mind or left brain as ethnic bias never said!’
`Man’s problem stems from the fact that its soul does indeed know what it is doing but for man’s conscious mind gets no idea!’
`To come close to destroying one’s own soul is the objective, if the suffering conscious mind could only understand!’


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