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by on August 31, 2010

`As long as jealousy and acquired energy goads the soul into folly, happy is the conscious mind to get rid of it for good!’
`As most any ancient DNA fragment can fit to disrupt today’s genetic structure with the goading energy of a mind behind it, we find disease rampant yet most to sap energy from the living.’
`The conscious mind is the backseat driver, but needs a brake peddle to stop peddling promises which always lead to a wreck!’
`Oddly, the grand fork in the psychological road defines two relative time travel, either the now or history, as the two brain halves in one’s mind!’
`When a medical professional aids and abets disease for their own profit unwittingly it shows they need psychotherapy to find that it is indeed mind over matter, and why they remain so sick!’
`Conclusions based on empirical fact today take no precedence because of who governs the human mind and needs stupid animals!’
`To comprehend what governs one’s conscious mind from their left brain as gets missed then from their right will soon be understood will force many suicides in intellectuals!’
`The vortex of hell sucks one way as the other for bliss, yet it remains the discretion of the conscious mind which way to go!’
`The NDE shows the two ways to go on one’s mind’s time line!’
`LSD should be used to alert the conscious mind that gets a so claimed “bad” NDE!’
`To live between complemental minds is hell, especially with a coerced conscious mind!’
`Fetish are for historical recall, most to remind an incarnate of their unseen ancestors wanting attention so they can feed!’
`Anything as everything is already in one’s mind so the problem is how to access it rationally!’
`The likely benign act of allowing the suffering to continue defines the real horror coming to awaken to its reason since the human conscious mind has become too aware of psychic phenomena!’
`How incredible that we conscious human minds cannot perceive the `self’ overtly driving us into folly these final hours to say little of the AiR foisted upon our body’s in some attempt to beat the crowd out now!’
`To bite one’s lip figuratively or in reality means the same but no conscious mind would ever be privy to such act with such then desperate `censoring’ as Freud note so often.’
`Because the entire human race has some common DNA segment so ethnic bias in psychological terms, man’s late ethnic cleansing becomes rational when closed race winners at other’s expense make for conflict that the human conscious mind cannot comprehend!’
`To merely escape one’s fool with bliss is yet not what satisfies Nature. Booze, as most drugs, merely postpone one’s business that the conscious mind was offered life for.’
`The soul is like a Cepheid variable, too weak to explode or potent enough to give conscious man’s mind hell ahead of time!’


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