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by on August 31, 2010

`To know one’s unconscious matrix is to face the most hazardous time of the conscious mind’s life!’
`The most dangerous feat yet necessary effort for a conscious mind with high intellect is to proceed to silence that verbal aspect of their mind before it turns into Thanatos as will when introspection is attempted with insight standing by!’
`The signal a conscious mind must get to survive is from its superconscious mind that knows effect from cause and the imperative to complete its soul’s mental evolution at any cost!’
`To have little idea of what their id is up to defines the big chore a kept dumb conscious mind has ahead of it!’
`The digital computer is a fine system for the reductive minded, yet of little use for those interested in using insight.’
`The Patent Office has two divisions but never disclosed. One for the public simple minded as the other for profit sharing industry, making arms to win the planet also never said!’
`Not a trick in the galaxy goes unturned when the evoluted id demands to remain anonymous, as unseen by a conscious mind!’
`As the corpus callosum but inverted feedback signals for two complemental minds, the locus coeruleus deals between the space versus time primitive brains at the root of fundamental thought.’
`Less problem can come from one’s unseen ancestors demanding to be fed than their own soul, buying some henchman’s aid to kill their mutual body with a growing curious conscious mind!’
`Life for the soul ends much as for one’s conscious mind, even if that former continues to exist in infinite time!’
`The most trustworthy are those who want you dead because they never deviate in mind!’
`The political minded have no choice as they only heard promises throughout life in family life before.’
`All salesmen, especially political minded fall for a scheme promised to profit, whatever the net quality product to be sold.’
`For centuries the primitive have lived in peace using an adjuvant plant to open their mind. Now academia programs warriors to aid the greed grab the rest of the planet by running point.’
`The closest thing to a zombie is an intellectual in power as past programming offered the opportunity to repeat anything! What is sad is their conscious mind, if any, might as well be dead.’
`The frustrated get upset when know they are able but perceive simple minded buffoons governing them with impunity!’
`The growth factor for health yet never in fatty lipids can do more for health than depend on phagocytic behavior, which now too easily can turn into AiR should the conscious mind get curious!’
`A quality psychoanalyst works for his client’s conscious mind but first to evoke interest into the unconscious matrix, to make more obvious their inner war coming, as to stop their malaise.’
`The conscious mind alone invites its parasympathetic CNS to modify thinking that need of a quality father figure to promote in children curiosity so they may mentally evolve on their own!’
`The most dangerous mind is a curious conscious mind to it’s soul thus feared thus maximum effort to kill it off even if their common body that the Greeks and Freud called Thanatos!’
`Oddly, the soul forces a suffering upon its own conscious mind, even if to suffer with it, but to evade its introspection.’
`Because one’s war is between their two unconscious, the conscious mind needs only to allow it until learning what it is about to step in and moderate with gusto using Chi if necessary!’
`Those who take affront over their obesity show their ancestors now in control and need to make some noise for the kept dumb conscious mind hearing about the liability of fat!’
`Human evolution is to teach a conscious mind of the true dolt attempting to guide it under the guise of intellectual prowess!’
`To clutter one’s mind with trivia as names, dates and places is to hamper any potential evolution with reality.’


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