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by on August 31, 2010

`While disheartening to the aware conscious mind, it does take time for the idiotic soul to complete its evolution, even with attire pressing the issue. It is because the long phase of adolescence evading Nature to permit most to catch up with trauma!’
`Never is enough of a public’s awareness of their government’s real objectives, most because the elected have another agenda in mind of which they will never speak when needing fodder!’
`Man’s late thrust to feed his unseen ancestors shows the net power those unseen have over the human mind claimed free!’
`To be cross academic of mind is that horrible fate where all authoritive intellectuals will do to defeat them for unsaid objectives as scares academic programmers the most!’
`Any as all psychotherapy requires the conscious mind’s cognitive awareness especially in offered dreams before too late!’
`The three minds of an individual comes close to a whole quark configuration where two can always annihilate each other!’
`Dreams are `on the spot’ in time to remind a conscious mind almost as a worded remark left in a diary yet both statements are most unwanted by one’s id, demanding the freedom for folly!’
`The worst thing for an alert conscious mind is to wake up to their soul’s past earned karma as defines their misery ahead!’
`While Spirit seeks to evolute the mind of the soul, that soul seeks to evade its final lesson to evade lost time in limbo.’
`Communism amongst souls is held secret because no conscious mind would ever tolerate it!’
`The primitive sees exactly the same fireball in his mind as the late physicist is also subjective perceptive but fails to define its definitive in terms of learned quantal standing waves. A `one handed clap’ of the ancients gets less understood by that so claimed astute modern analyst but fails to understand astronomy!’
`It will be far easier to comprehend reality after this next grand war called the holocaust, because the mental blockage of a human mind stems from its unseen ancestors as must feed on those yet feeding themselves up in worldly masstime.’ `The soul evokes one meaning for God while inferring ancestor gods, where more net profit comes with ancestor worship especially, when the human conscious mind can be kept stupid!’
`Sadly, the helpful minded seldom understand the predatory now as the latter program the former to ensure their own survival!’
`Any apocalyptic awakening is for the conscious mind now so well kept dumb for even obvious reasons!’
`We may smile when we think we are winning but fortunately we conscious minds no longer exist when the win turns truly sour!’
`Collusion is the method where two souls can perform folly, especially to sway a yet dumb conscious mind to not learn something new which might be dangerous in a psychic way to them.’
`What makes the human soul so dangerous over evolution is its ability to hide itself, especially with academic programmed conscious minds that can find no evidence of what is transpiring!’
`The fearful of the self reliant need now to be dissuaded from bothering them, even to manipulate their efforts for some unsaid profit for whatever. The reason is because the able minded are in control of their lives and will fight to sustain it!’
`To spend billions examining trivia is the ruse to evade what is not trivia but defines what governs late mankind’s mind now.’
`As one’s immune response fails the need for booze or MSM may grow until their conscious mind learns how to control their own fightflight sympathetic CNS system or die gratefully!’
`Happily most of we conscious minds little understand relative time so do not bother about our soul’s relative anxieties!’
`Any question a woman asks is socially driven since her single mindedness is dictated by mtDNA ancestors who must survive upon the yet incarnate, and a female incarnate is merely the means.’
`Sycophants who have lost their use of insight seldom ask any question about reality when their ancestors rule their mind.’
`While a great test to the alerted conscious mind, its slightly greater awareness permits it to relax knowing all potentials are known and so events are under control!’
`The greatest danger to the peaceful minded are the many factions of religious belief with ethnic cleansing in mind!’
`As a servo loop lacking adequate feedback loops, the human mind remains just that where others in some power must contain any further mental evolution of such incarnate animal, especially evading its ability to find a rational positive feedback loop to define reality ahead of time such as the Self thinking device!’


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